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December 13, 2006
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Eyecatcher! Really like the minimalism here.

visually strong maybe a litle too subtle,

not knowing what pause Ljid Bild do, from this I presume its speakers, but it definitely took a while.

I was engaged and will look out for their brand infuture. So yes it is successfull though perhaps demands a little too much from viewer.

Posted by:elysedoran on December 15, 2006 12:19 AM

Way better than the other one, even if a blink on the pause to invite pausing would have help

Posted by:SUPAD on December 15, 2006 12:19 AM

Does everything have to be really obvious?

Posted by:Pinky on December 21, 2006 11:35 PM

I think this is way more attention grabbing than the other one. Pinky, I think for some products they have to be PAINFULLY obvious....I guess it depends on the product. Better to cover all your bases eh?

Posted by:Justin on December 27, 2006 6:39 AM

This is subtle?

Come on. Just cause it's the web, doesn't mean it can't be clever.

Posted by:Bilbo on January 3, 2007 10:54 AM

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