February 13, 2012
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While one legend of the video game scene, Tim Schafer, is pulling in mo money on Kickstarter another, David Jaffe, is asking you to shoot his truck to promote the remake of this classic game Twisted Metal.

Note: Every CD in every digital agency is now saying "I pitched that idea years ago for XXXXX client" I know I am.

On Feb 14 you'll be able to push "just a F***cking button" and shoot the gun. Pretty sweet. The promo video is well done and I'm glad they went with the developer and not someone like Snoop.

I'm hoping the shooting of the gun is a little more thought out than the official Twisted Metal site as it's a bit of a mess.

This does remind me of the Kill Zone 3 Live Fire campaign almost a year ago. I only remember is as the site never worked and they cancelled it after 1 day. See the disappointing beta footage. Ouch to that marketing manager who signed off on that.

I'm expecting Shoot My Truck will be much better.

Self Promo: the "virtual controlling the real" is something I'm buzzed about and most agencies are and it was one of our 2012 Digital Predictions. It's even cooler when it involves guns.