March 10, 2012
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Pitch below from the agency. Brazilian airline company GOL created an online campaign to make its Facebook page jump from 12k fans to over 200k in less than three days – becoming number 1 in the category. During the Valentines’ weekend a series of images containing empty seats were uploaded on the company’s wall, without warning. The first users to see the images and comment the seat numbers won a pair of return tickets to any of GOL’s destinations.

Our take Facebook don't technically allow this via their terms as part of a promotion but.... Facebook's policy is strict and there to stop spammers. However I dont feel this is spamming, it's a creative way to use their platform. And I hope Facebook loosen up a little and stop being so strict.

Also Facebook now don't require you to "like" before you can comment so there is no reason for a prize pig to actually like your page

Note: Gol did receive a warning in this case but the page (check out that crazy long URL) has continued onto 600,000+ fans with some great engagement.