November 17, 2012
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This utterly charming piece of animation is a PSA about train safety from Melbourne Metro. It's a risky move leaving the actual message to the end but what it does do is create something that is so shareable, catchy and worth watching that it doesn't matter.

But the agency didnt just do an animation and call it a day they also created a tumblr to make the animations easier to share.


And by the looks of Mumbrella it's all part of a larger integrated campaign. The official site has also been treated nicely too. All in all a fantastic campaign.

The video is at 200k views now and was on front page of Reddit. From which I can take this great quote from. "mindsnare: Fuck me. Metro's new marketing team know what the fuck is up."

One potential issue is that anyone who has had a family member die from a train accident is now told this is "the dumbest way to die". Not only can you buy the track on iTunes but you can grab the MP3 for free from Soundcloud. I know my wife ggrabbed a copy as soon as she heard it.