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May 14, 2007

Adidas: Impossible Story


Slamdunk the moon, kick flip over a truck and eat a flying shark in your own incredible
adventure. Impossible Story lets users create a totally personalised animation in a matter of
seconds. Anyone can be the star. Simply upload a picture of their head and use the A-Z keys to make
your character achieve one unbelievable feat after another and then share your journey with your friends.

Check it out at

May 3, 2007

New York Festivals 2007 Winners

The winners of the 2007 NY Festivals have been announced. You can view the winners here with links to the work or if you prefer view the PDF. I hate when awards don;t link up the winning work properly and luckily NYf has a functional archive. There were three Australian winners. Two for Interactive and One for Alternative media.
GP Y&R's Boony Doll picked up a Gold Medal.
( If anyone has a better case study link for this please let me know.)
Clemenger Proximity not only picked up a Silver medal but also took home two finalist certificates for the Mitsubishi Revolution Facility.
And lastly Soap Creative picked up a finalist certificate for the Beer League Pinball game.
Not the best turnout for Australia but the awareness of the NY festivals is low and I feel a lot of the good work created here wasn't submitted.

Make sure to check out the winners showcase here. There's some nice work in there but nothing you might not have already seen around.

Cure Connectile Dysfunction


Publisis & Hal Riney have launched a new site for Sprint in the US. With the video production done by Mekanism. Who have a history of doing great viral work.

We're taken inside a Centre for Connectile Dysfunction. Basically poking fun at guys who can't maintain a steady internet connection. The innuendo is thrown at you thick and fast.

The video is shot well, the script and talent are good too. But for me it's the little things like the way you transition from section to section that really show attention to detail.

There's even a Aveaword style send to friend form where you can alert peopel to the CD centre.



Tooheys Extra Dry is launching its new campaign today. The website is not up yet but you can see a special preview of the TVC here, thanks to Campaign Brief.

Oh and try to ignore BMF talking the ad up before you watch it.

It feels very Japanese or Playstation to me. (I guess Playstation is Japanese but that's not the point I was trying to make)

May 2, 2007



With 700 under our belt the Bannerblog army marches forward on to the next milestone... 1,000 banners. A big thanks to all the support from our readers and agencies and our sponsor Tangozebra.

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