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November 21, 2008

Got a problem? FIX IT

Next time you're having trouble giving feedback on any project just remember this simple advice.

"mmm the design looks OK. you might need to go away and FIX IT!!"
"This media schedule isn't ready for the client. FIX IT!!"
"the internet is down!!.... FIX IT!!!"

Sadly I can't view the Hulu version so I'm linking up this while it's still alive.

November 17, 2008

Behind Don Draper's Twitter


Paul Isakson has come out as the person behind the Don Draper Twitter feed. It wasn't AMC after all. Although it seems he is handing over the account to them now. I wonder if they will continue the story. I feel it might have lost some of it's allure now that we know the true story behind it.

This type of extension into the social web won't work with every show or character but I can see this working again. It's the perfect medium for TV shows as a film doesn't have that prolonged interest. Will Smith Twittering from NY about the I Am Legend prequel for a year wont cut it. But characters filling in the gaps between episodes is fine.

The Motrin Moms Fiasco: Mortinmomgate

Why do we get such vanilla advertising? Because anytime a brand makes any kind of statement you get hammered back. Moms (mums) are probably the ones most eager to have a go at a brand too

Check out Logic+Emotion's coverage on the Morton Moms fiasco.

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

All started with this ad

Hell hath no fury like a mom on a mission. All we need now is an add from Toyota making fun of Soccer Moms.



If you've ever read the comments in any moderately popular YouTube clip, you'll be forgiven for losing a bit of faith in human intelligence.

So its quite interesting to read the issues discussed here.

In particular, they talk about the process of disemvoweling. Which is basically a way to censor stupid/rude/nonsensical comments in online communities. The offending comments aren't removed, but the vowels in the sentence string are.

More on disemvoweling here.

This doesn't seem to be a brand new technique, but one that seems like a happy medium between draconian heavyhandedness and a laissez faire free-for-all in online spaces.

November 14, 2008

Nokia Unloader

Got a particularly bothersome work document you want 'taken care' of?

Send it to the Nokia Unloader.

Here's a random jpeg from my desktop being tarred and feathered. I want to believe that this is actually being done in real-time. I can't see why it wouldn't be, apart from the cost I guess. But even if this is flash trickery, I still like. Nice elevator music in the background too.

By FarFar

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