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February 19, 2009

Abbey Road - timeshifted

This video is pretty cool. A timelapse clip of London's Abbey Road in one day, including all the tourists who re-enacted the famous Beatles album cover:

How annoying would it be if this was your daily route? Is it bad that I want one of them to get run over?

February 10, 2009


From the always genius Wondermark:

February 5, 2009

BaleOut Remix

This is actually pretty good. "Some guy" on the Internet has remixed the audio of Christian Bale's now famous on set tantrum:

This was all turned around in just a few hours. And since the day or two that video has been up, its received over a million views. Probably with no seeding? Big agencies could learn from the lessons here. Low production values (well, production where it counts - in the music rather than the video and who directed it). Fast turnaround. Nice idea. Big results.

January 22, 2009

A Kitchen wiki


Every couple of weeks, Trish from Kraft AU publishes a little email newsletter with a 5 recipes and some nice big pictures out to Australia and beyond. In it's current guise, it's faithfully published each fortnight with the help of the digital team at Wunderman in Melbourne. (Trish is a "food scientist", and scientists are really smart, usually, so it's good - well written, super tasty dish combinations, full course stuff)

So thats one thing, good food options each fortnight, yumo.

So when Trish was looking to spread the good word about her Kraft Kitchens email, the thinking was "Why not give everyone else the opportunity to add their own little finishing touch to some of her super recipes?" - Like a recipe wiki, where (not unlike the earths best encyclopedia) members can suggest new or alternate ingredients, methods, hints & or tips to a chosen recipe, or just agree/disagree with someone else's well considered alteration.

oh and if you add to the list of suggestions/changes/amends, you go into the running for dinner prize worth a $1000 (thats 3 zero's) for you and your "team" of foodie friends.

Great for Vegans and Vegetarians, lactose intolerants, celiac's, Nut allergic's and Buddhists +++ looking to for ideas that don't use whatever it is in the recipe that may offend them, like prawns or garlic...

Anyhow it's pretty good, it's at and really interesting to see all the options you perhaps might never have thought on your own, the wisdom of crowds indeed.

ps. If you're into food, then you should sign up for the newsletter, but if you have an opinion, and tell Trish, you'd be signed up anyhow.

January 18, 2009

The customer is always right

Even if they are stoned and just trying to take the piss:



Seriously though, this is awesome. At a lot of companies, carefully thought out legal policies or stifling online processes would stand in the way of this thing happening.

Also see, Jesus is making your pizza.

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