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July 22, 2008

Zuji's 10c beans


Ive seen the posters near our office for a few weeks and I thought it was just a poster. Little did I know they were actually selling the beans at 10c a can. Great idea from Happy Solidiers for The Hallway Agency.

Digitally it hasn't been supported that well, but the idea is simple enough to not to need much polishing.

You can also sign up to their newsleter and win a years worth of beans $36 worth!


Virgin Mobile's What Happens Next


Virgin, thanks to Host have launched a new campaign called What Happens Next. Choose your scene and then direct what happens next. The best entry will get turned into an ad (i think Virgin did this before?) and you win a trip to Cairns. That's northern Qld not Southern France. Oh and 5 grand cash too so that's pretty sweet.

The actual drawing tool is quite nice and the film genre video changes are nice too but the entries themselves so far are quite boring to view. I guess I was on the look out for dick and balls, but I think those wont get past the moderators.

I did enjoy the man turns into rabbit entry but look forward to see the gallery fill out over the next few weeks.

July 21, 2008

Do the work then the PR

Is it just me or does releasing a press release about your latest endevor online that hasn't even started yet seem like talking up how you're "totally gonna root that person at the xmas party". Ok, let me know after the party and give me the sticky details, just don't waste my time now.

The latest offender is Naked who reports "Intern Gavin Chimes' first day at work at Naked Communications is one he is unlike to forget after being packed off on a 10-day European tour courtesy of holiday firm Contiki." there's even a link to the Youtube channel.

Not even a video expaining the stunt, or a word from Contiki. They had enough time to write a PR and take photos but not enough to actually get the ball rolling on the actual blog. What if I wanted to blog about this amazing new innovation in marketing? Well I'd be blogging "vaporads". I'll have to bookmark it and then check in a week, maybe 10 days? Or wait for the next PR release. By that time I'd be following some other phantom campaign.

I did find the channel honours interesting though.


I've been a big supporter of Youtube but the stats below are a bit sad. This is Australian stats. I can imagine other countries fare differently.

If 0 subscribers = #2 then what about the other channels?



It's weird as Sprite Truth Hunters (the best Aussie example of a Youtube channel) doesn't appear in this list?

Here's a channel I had a hand in working on. Whoops!

I don't want to bag Youtube as I love it. I've also been a strong supportor of it to clients, but you'd think they'd be bending over backwards to make their sponsors channels go through the roof and then try and bilk them for cash when they are happy.

P.S. I'm claiming ownership over the term Vaporads. Adding it to my lexicon of claims including unforghetti and poolates.

July 20, 2008

Eyeblaster Analytics Bulletin


Eyeblaster have launched their Analytics Bulletin with a 2007 Summary. There are lots of chunky stats and graphs to gorge on and they compare North America, Europe and Asia Pacific in depth. View the full document as a PDF here.

I found it interesting the different verticals dominating each region. Australia sure loves cars and banks. I'm surprised automotive isn't higher in North America. I thought cars were like lungs to Americans. ie they need two to function.


Chuck a Sickie banner campaign axed after 29 minutes

VIRGIN Blue has been left red-faced after being forced to scrap an advertising campaign which urged people to "chuck a sickie" and jet off on holidays.

The controversial online "chuck-a-sickie sale" campaign urged frequent flyers to take time off work and take advantage of "top sale fares".

But Virgin Blue chief Brett Godfrey moved to axe the campaign just 29 minutes after first seeing it, following a media inquiry over the slogan.

Read the full article on

Here's a good article on the Art of the Sickie from the BBC.

P.S We'd love to see the actual ads. So if someone want's to slip us the swf files we'd be great appreciated.

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