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November 30, 2008

Heinz: Talk to the plant


Heinz via Daddy have release a site that is putting the theory "Talking to plants help them grow better" to the test and everyone is invited to participate.

The site was launched to promote the new Heinz concept "No one grows ketchup like Heinz" and in order to prove that - and not just say it - we set up a rig consisting of two plants, one speaker and one microphone. (The rig is actually a small room behind Daddy’s server room in Gothenburg).

The control plant is actually pulling ahead but it's nice to see the blog cover this in a recent post.

This live broadcast via the web in which users have some impact has been a popular format in the last 18 months.

November 28, 2008

It's all gone Fu


There's been a bit about the Ninja Kittens TVC for Toyota Corolla by Publicis Mojo of late. While both following the core concept, the TV's one thing, but i reckon the online work is better.

Slick fast animation, well crafted with product drivers in place, but not in the way and presented in contect with an option to explore whilst staying within the creative approach. Particularly impressed with the paralax across the episodes (thats been due for a bit, saw a poor example a while back judging the BIMA's - for nokia I think) and unlike a lot of car sites produced locally here in Oz, it's not about the front 3/4 for once.

Like Barina for instance or Fiesta, and particularly the new MF FO and Superawesome GTR

- mmmmm, maybe that last one kind of sells itself. Actually.

Side note: I have a kitten. His name is Fu , incidentally (and that was before the commercial). I'm hoping he'll make an appearance in the next series, in the bamboo scene. He's go the skills, and he's been training (if you join his Flickr group, I'll lobby the director and who knows...)

November 26, 2008

glug london


'All I want for Christmas' is a special one of competition for designers
and all types of creatives to raise money for Kids with Leukemia. The
entries are judged by a panel of the industry heroes and the finalists
work is then shown at an exhibition at Bodhi Gallery in London for one
night on the 17th December. There's also some cool prizes too (see

Email entries to or by post to
Studio Output (London), 109 Black Bull Yard, 24–28 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8JH, UK.

Or if you prefer check out the movie sting:

Vaughan Oliver, Phil Stuart (Preloaded),
Adam Jenns (Mainframe),
Michael C Place (Build),
Jon Burgerman,
Laura Jordan Bambach (Glue London),
Gina Lovett (Design Week),
Guy Featherstone (Wieden + Kennedy),
Helen Baynes (Net a Porter),
Ian Hambleton (Studio Output)
Nick Clement (Made Studio)
Signed framed 'Pixies' print by Vaughan Oliver
Signed framed 'Build' print by Michael C Place
Canvasman Ltd Editon Canvas
Jon Burgerman Heroes of Burgertown Mini Figures
3 Course Evening Meal for 2 at Bluu Moorgate including bottle of house wine
Internship at either Studio Output, Preloaded or Mainframe
A Year's Subscription to Design Week
A Year's Subscription to Grafik Magazine
PlayStation Games Goodie Bags

November 25, 2008

NXE is here

Xbox have updated their interface nick named NXE (New Xbox Experience). It's now much sexier and easier to use. They also have added avatars which isn't too far from Nintendo's Mii characters. Although one thing Xbox have done is that the NXE avatars will feature clothes you can purchase and hopefully they'll add more facial stuff later down the track.

Here's Soap's account KRONJOB avatar.

Just type in the account name into the file path

I love the fact you get a PNG automatically created. Nintendo need this!

I've also seen Fox has been advertising the new The Day The Earth Stood Still on the new interface (the first advertiser I think) I haven't seen what else Microsoft can offer in the new experience for advertisers but it's an interesting media choice. Although people spend less time in the dashboard than they do in games.

People may bash Microsoft but the Xbox is a pretty solid unit in terms of the experience it provides. Red Rings aside it has much more to offer than a PS3 or a Wii.

Bruce Lee plays Ping Pong for Nokia


JWT Beijing has released an impressive video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nun chucks to promote the Nokia N96. I think this is the first 'viral' I've seen coming out of China and it's certainly on it's way judging by the view count. Be sure to check out the beautifully crafted website as well.

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