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March 22, 2009

Super News: The Trouble With Twitter

This is very poignant. And no I rarely use that word as I can neither spell or say it with confidence :)

I also like this one too from Super News. Great writing

Oneshow Interactive Judging Over


Oneshow Interactive is all over with winners announced In May. The only winner I know is the Best of Show while the others are in score limbo. It was a pretty strong year with a lot of varied work from big productions to small smart things.

Here's my post from Day 3 of judging on AdAge as I was able to step into Michael's shoes as guest blogger on AdFreak.

I will say that being on a jury is a lot of fun. It's hard work, you're tired but the conversation and seeing so much work is very stimulating. Being in a room with 30 other people who are leading the industry and doing great work is both intimidating and exciting. If you ever get the chance to put aside 4 days of your time do it.

March 19, 2009

Creative people > Ad agencies

The tune might not be as catchy as the Canbury Eyebrows but I much prefer the real deal over a computer generated eyebrow dance. And I guess this is where agencies (myself included) always seem to "over cook" stuff. Sometimes ideas are best served raw.

Oh and here's one from over 2 years ago by The Viral Factory

March 18, 2009

Oneshow Interactive Judging: Day 1


Quick update from Oneshow Interactive judging for 2009.

Twitter feed while judging is going well. Official # is #oneshow

Iain's take on why the Japanese work is awesome. I felt the same way. Also the Japanese CD's are all so nice too. Something in the water.

Michael "Webowitz"'s thoughts on Day 1

And me being who I am I found these two sites funny for different reasons

Pokemon Championships 2008

ADIDAS Hidden Meaning

Tomorrow is another day of solitary judging followed by two days of group discussion. Looking forward to those days

The Internet as musical instrument

If you've spent any time on teh interwebs this week, you might have noticed one of these three ridiculously fun sites:

Firstly,, which allows you to recreate kind of a poor man's version of 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' by Daft Punk.


And there's also, which allows you to randomly bash some electro sounding samples together. I believe this is how Girl Talk made his last album:


The latter has a (rather pointless, but fun?) Facebook group which already has almost 6,000 members.

I tried to get all fancy and mix them all together (see below), but failed miserably. I kept getting IM'd:


Then of course there's Thru-You. Where this guy Kutiman has only just gone and made an album full of songs using samples from YouTube performances. And it's actually bloody listenable:


None of this is hugely revolutionary in idea. At it's core this is basically a funny soundboard mixed with one of those clickety beepity DJ mixing sites that vodka brands would do years ago. But they're all executed really well. And another tiny tiny death knell for the shite that the big music corporations keep dishing out to us.

It's such lo-fi goodness. And then you add in things like mobile, and all sorts of cool things start to happen.

I'm sure there's loads of examples I'm missing out on. And full credit to the people who've raised the possibility of this stuff before.

Exciting times.

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