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June 11, 2010

IS Twitter Parade

I love the music to this and the unique animations for each avatar. It's to promote the Android based IS mini computers from Sharp. Seeing this reminds me again about how great Japanese digital work is and this article from Iain Tait on why. Sure it's useless but it's cute and fun which is more than some useless things we see around.

Razzamatazz Next Girl

We like the simplicity of this campaign to find the next Razzamatazz girl. It's a little annoying having to install a new app just to "like" an entry. It's only been a month or so since these new Facebook plugins were announced and we're already seeing them everywhere.


A little more classy than the American Apparel's Best Bum but that's American Apparel's style.


June 9, 2010

Uniqlo Lucky Switch

I hate Uniqlo. They always seem to be coming up with cool stuff like this:


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