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April 25, 2012



Mysterious WAKE UP ads have been appearing for the last few days counting down to May 4-5th (or 980,690 seconds from now) with being the destination.

The flash banners on show a idealistic scene that then fills with black ink to end on just WAKE UP in white text.


The bold design stands out as does the intrigue of having something unbranded spend so much money on advertising.

And just by chance (or maybe it was staged) popular Aussie Youtube blogger Blunty3000 was witness to a bus load of people people shouting "WAKE UP" with the same white text on black background.

What is this for?
Who has this much money to spend on a unbranded teaser campaign?
Didn't they learn from KONY2012 that you cant expect the public to stay interested in anything for more than a week?

My initial thought was for a solar energy company (the black in representing oil), then it might be a new NAB campaign for people to wake up about bank fees, it could be a new coffee/iced coffee but this is some serious spend that would rule them out.

The agency who registered the domain is Tongue and their client list doesn't give much away. They are part of the STW Group so could be helping out a larger agency in the group with the domains?

I'm guessing the WAKE UP ads will ramp up and all will be revealed soon. Wake Up! budget accommodation must be loving it as any search traffic is helping them as the campaign doesn't currently have any search buy (That's another lesson when doing a teaser campaign)

Interested to see how this pans out and if the teaser phase is justified. There's very little chatter on Twitter about it despite all the activity and a simple call to action. I'm waiting for sky writing, newspaper wrap to follow on from the bus protest and banner ads.

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