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January 4, 2009


I found out about this site while researching Open Social last month.

While it's no way as sexy as Delicious Library it's web based and I can use it on my dirty PC. Delicious Library is Mac only. Boo!

The one feature missing which is on Delicious library is "loan" which lets you keep track of who you have loaned your books to. Which would help me as I don't know who has my Zombie Survival Guide!

The appeal of tracking all the books you have read and own is two fold. One you get to show off and two you will discover new books. Either by the same author or by looking at your friends books.

It also says a lot about who you are by what you read.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Techcrunch have a few posts about Shelfari as do Mashable.

Librarything (the biggest in this market) let you know what they think Shelfari and how they have been spamming users.

Library Thing doesn't look as sexy but the huge user base is appealing. But I've just spent an hour adding all my books I can;t be assed doing it again.

September 26, 2008

The One Function Website

Umbrella Today is another simple site from Thoughtbot that tells you if you need an umbrella today. You type in your postcode and it tells you if you need an umbrella. You can then schedule to have this news sent to your mobile.


Funny it already has a carbon copy (sans mobile functionality) which has a higher search ranking.


These sites are part of a wave of simple one function sites that have been popping up. Such as : Tell you if a site is down for just you or everyone. : I won't spoil the punch line for this one. : Computer says yes I'm not sure this one will catch the world on fire The Barbarian Groups contribution to the fun.

I can see more sites like this in the future such as "", "whatcolorshirtshouldiwear", ""

Does anyone know of any more simple one function sites?

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