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November 20, 2007
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live22.gif live13.gif live41.gif
This one's my fav. The main article talks about a football team winning.
The banner says "Fans of that team click there, all other fans click here". live24.gif

A screen shot of the custom publishing tool

A lucky Norwegian with his iphone.

I believe these are examples of ads that were not content specific. (click below)
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While I don't speak a word of Norwegian I was alerted to this by our Swedish designer in the office. He speaks Norwegian which is similar but different I'm told.

The basic overview, of which you can see the full case study here (in Norwegian) is, that the Mediafront set up a banner publishing system (see first image) that could quickly design and publish new banners into set media spaces. This would allow the banner to be updated and relevant to the page it was served on.

SOL is a popular Norwegian portal and the banners were run across a variety of other news sites. So it's a manual, but very human way, of creating contextual advertising with rich media.

Please correct me if I'm wrong I'm going off a very quick conversation.

Check the examples posted above of some of the many ads.

I think this is a great idea and I haven't been this excited by a new idea since the Mini White Rabbit and Bascule's Multi User banner.