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January 21, 2008
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Here's a double media buy with two separate brands that have collaborated. This collaboration between brands seems to be the new thing. Nike+, Applebees and Weight Watchers, BMW + Apple and um... well I can't think of others but there's surely more done and more to come.

It's amazing the transformation fast food restaurants are going through in the last few years. I feel sorry for the workers who now have double the menu items they used to have and have to worry if somethings "fresh" or not.

Note: I worked two years at McDonald's and even when a promo burger came on for a month it was annoying.

On a slightly different topic, one thing that bugs me is hearing spoken audio while reading the same copy on screen. It's pretty obvious why its done (not knowing if the user is going to have their speakers connected/headphones on etc) but the end result is still kind of annoying. Spoken words and copy have different "sounds", and the clash between the two can be jarring, especially if there's any attempt to put some character in the voice.

Posted by:Kieran on January 22, 2008 11:30 AM

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