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February 8, 2008
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You may have seen these recently on a range of sites from engadget to where they displaced content slightly. the files run a bit twitchy on firefox 3... which in real life lead them to show static alt images only, so check it out in Safari.

We have to get over the whole 'Mac is better than Windows' nonsense, as it is not getting us anywhere. Just leave Windows for people who want it. At least people have a choice. Stop competing and grow up!

Posted by:Dario on February 9, 2008 9:07 PM

Agreed, these Mac PC ads are childish. When are they gonna move on?

Posted by:Ray on February 11, 2008 5:24 PM

I hate the Mac ads, even the "good" ones. Aside from being full blatant lies, I find that Apple have gone from being a company that aims it's products at professionals to a company that just aims to rip-off people who know bugger all about computing. These Mac vs PC ones are rather repetitive now, too.

And the US ones, like this, are even worse than the UK ads.

Posted by:Joey on February 11, 2008 11:24 PM

So, I had to go into Safari to see this ad! Silly idea.

Anyway, even though I love my Mac products, these ads make me cringe. I choose Mac because it's what I know; Windows I use at work and it does the job for which it is intended. It's not as nice to use, in my opinion, but that's just it - I have a choice.

All these ads do is make Steve Jobs look like someone with a chip on their shoulder. Surely that can't be true? Can it?

If you're reading this, Steve, you're almost making me feel sorry for Bill Gates. You numpty.

Posted by:purplesimon on February 12, 2008 2:49 AM

I think these Mac vs PC adds are so fun to watch!
Perhaps they ARE kind of childish, but I dont think that's a problem at all.

These adds do not promote any moral or social hazard;
Apple is also not cheating or being dishonest with these adds;
Microsoft is too powerfull to get seriously hurt by these adds;
And Im not going to trade my PC for a Mac right now anyway because PC's have better network connections (as far as I know... I could be wrong) and I work with the internet.

I might buy a mac in the future though ;)

Posted by:Gabriel on February 19, 2008 12:33 AM

well, any company in direct competition with another would be crazy to ignore a headline like that from a source as credible as the wall street journal. vista was a total flop, and leopard is an incredible OS, but i suppose apple should just ignore that and completely disregard a blatant coup for advertising.... umm... yeah.

Posted by:dan on February 19, 2008 12:32 PM

I wish he covered up the 'Vista' with 'Tiger'.

Posted by:Briggs on February 22, 2008 10:43 AM

Sad how all of the commentary here is on the campaign/product and not on the banner execution. Whether or not you like the campaign (or Apple), it's a fantastic example of a context-relevant execution which is among the most attention-grabbing and effective ways to communicate your message. We should all be so lucky to have media buys this robust.

Posted by:FourMan on March 4, 2008 7:19 AM

Well to determine what computer you should buy, Apple or PC, follow this simple equation:

int IQ=userInput;
if(IQ else if(IQ > 20){response=PC;}
return response;

Posted by:Geckogut on May 12, 2008 1:03 PM

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