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September 5, 2009
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This ran across The Australian and Courier Mail for one day (August 5th) as part of Greenpeace’s anti-coal lobbying.

The Brief With the meeting of Pacific Island leaders on climate change happening simultaneously, we had to stand up and be noticed. The idea needed to gain the attention of the media and the general public alike. It needed to be disruptive and capture the attention of thousands of eyeballs to integrate with what the audience (and leaders) would be seeing on the nightly news and on news sites throughout the day.

The Idea Forget the call to action (just this once). Drive the rather vague message by using two activists in GP trademark orange jumpsuits who spray paint the message all over your news page. The message 'Toodle-oo Tuvalu? Your call, Kev' would click with the audience when they saw media reports throughout the day. Kev (Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) needed to be in the spotlight, which is exactly where he ended up.