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August 1, 2011
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Air New Zealand is trying to topple Samsung for most viral videos in a year and have now called in The Hoff. It continues on from our previous post about their viral videos. Two more couch sessions with Rico have also been filmed. They feature E! News host Giuliana Rancic and actor Lindsay Lohan. I guess The Hoff zapped the bulk of the budget.

For those keeping score or wanting to produce a "viral" video here's how it all breaks down;

Richard Simmons is worth 4 Snoop Dogg's but less than half that of body painted staff. Actually the appetite for body painted staff is so huge you can do two videos. Sexual Innuendo will get you seven times more than dropping the name of Kim Kardashian but if you want to double that try featuring your national football team.

If The Hoff gets more than Snoop Dogg what does that say about Snoop cred? Time to limit your exposure?

Who is the agency? Out of all the articles I found none mentioned the agency. Even when Air NZ posted about winning a marketing award.