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April 10, 2012
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I initially cringed when I saw the all caps statement "THE FIRST PINTEREST CAMPAIGN IN THE WORLD" but this is a case where the use of the Pinterest platform was actually done in a very interesting way. The "first" is more of an agency claim and irrelevant here the ALL CAPS was just in case I skim read my emails I guess.

Sure it's creepy to have a brand stalking you but the creepy stalker comes with gifts so it's OK. This didn't even have to be done on Pinterest they could have easily stalked users on other sites but then the case study wouldn't have been a FIRST!

I did find it interesting that when I searched Pinterest for Kotex it was dominated by this case study and the mouldy tampon that made the news recently.

I'm interested to see how Pinterest adapt to all the media and advertising attention. Let's hope they dont bend too far but just enough to allow more interesting work. The API is the first step.

I still love this Beaver ad too and still have a crush on this women.