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Banner Blog started in June 2005 to showcase online advertising, much of which goes unnoticed. It was also seen as a good opportunity to pimp our own work too!

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Banner Blog was created by Ashley Ringrose (@100ftzombie) who works at Soap Creative, a small & friendly interactive agency and Ashadi Hopper (@ashadihopper) who works at RMG Connect, one of the larger multinational agencies around town.

Bannerblog also has the following contributors:

Ryan Tetuan from DoubleClick [US]
Hamish McDougall [UK](@hamishmcdougall)
Tobie Cameron [AU] (@tobiec)
Phil Gillman [US] (@philmang)
Paul from Akestamholst [SE] (@bannermonkey)
Tom Hardwidge [UK] (@hardwidge)

We are still looking for more editors from South America, Eastern Europe and Asia who can contribute on a regular basis. (At least once a fornight)

Those wanting to submit their own work can find more info on the aptly named Submit page.

Any errors with creative credits or if you can identify any of the Unknown agencies please email us here.

Any feedback, bugs, comments, praise and funny mpg's please email us here.
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