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We are always looking for submissions. Send us the good and bad, even old ones which you think are still worth showing off.

Send us links to individual banners or viewrooms for entire campaigns. If not sending your own work please supply the agency credit if possible.

Send all submissions here

Submit FAQ:

How much is it to submit?
Submissions are free.

I submitted a banner why haven't you posted it?
We do look at every submission but sometimes the work doesn't make the cut. We also have all have full time jobs and do this in our spare time. (right after looking at Youtube)

I'm afraid of the negative feedback. Can you turn off comments on my banner?
Yes we can. We'd rather have more banners with less comments than the other way around. We'd prefer people to be able to voice their opinion but we also realize some creative's have thin skins.

What's the best way to submit Eyeblaster banners and other rich media?
It makes our job easier if you submit Eyeblaster banners like you would show to a client for approval. Expander would be one file that load in the other assets.

Do you want the banner mocked up in a page?
No, we'd prefer to just receive the banner. We do accept 1000x1000 banners but we prefer the banner by itself.

Do you accept s flash 8 or 9 banners?
Yes, we accept all banner formats. We'll look the other way when scam ads come in as long as they are good.

Can I submit old banners?
Sure, we don't care if it's from 1999 as long as it's good.

How do you grad the swfs from pages?
We use Safari on a Mac and use the activity window or on the PC, IE's cache.

What about stuff that isn't banner related? We just launched a kick ass promotional site!
We feature non banner related work in the news section.
Let's hope people read the FAQ's now.   I think this page should be the first page any agency visits after launching a new campaign.