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For those not legally minded:
We don't want to get our balls busted by some cheesed off agency or spiteful creative director. So anything you see on is just two guys opinons. We don't claim ownership on anything posted here and any spelling errors will be Ashley's foolt.

For those Legally minded: is not affiliated in any way with Soap Creative Pty Ltd or RMG Connect Australia Pty Ltd. Content contained within, including but no limited to opinions, conclusions and other information provided does not relate to the official business of either Soap Creative Pty Ltd and/or RMG Connect Australia Pty Ltd and shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it.

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Terms of Use Last Updated on the same day the Harry Potter 6 book was released or for those not enlightened to the world of Hogwarts: 16/07/2005

Nice way to save our ass legally if any shit hits the fan.   In an industry this small I'm more worried about being punched in the face rather than sued and no "terms of use" page will stop that.