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Asia Interactive Awards Winners List


The Asia Interactive winners have been announced. Click here to view the full winners list.

There were a total of 600 entries and 47 winners. My gripe is that these awards need to link up all the entries so people can view the winning work. It's no use just showing the agency name and not giving any indication what piece of work won. Hopefully this will be fixed up soon. I understand some were behind password protected areas but the majority were just public facing URL's.

Only one winner from Australia with that being Clemenger Blue winning gold for Best Copywriting for their Mars/Snickers microsite.

Honestly the design lets the site down quite a bit.

August 11, 2006

Bannerblog Newsletter: Issue 1

Banner Blog: Where banners click
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What banner caught the eye of our editors lately?
Home Gym from DBB is Brazil was by far the standout banner for most judges. Followed closely by HP: Big Prints from Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore.

Quite different in approach but both great ideas.
We've been busy tweaking parts of the site to make them more Web 2.5 compatible. We're looking at other ways to integrate other buzzwords into the site. User generated content, podcasts and blogmetrics are all on the cards.

The most obvious overhaul was with the news section which is now fully archived and allows for user comments.

We've also added two new editors to the ranks:
Eric from Avenue A/Razorfish [US]
Matt from M&C Saatchi [AU] (Who just popped his "banner cherry")

We are still looking for the owners of over 100 banners in our "Unknown" agency section.

Top Tip: If you wanted to get instant cred around the world (Bannerblog is seen but over 50,000 people a month) start an agency called "Unknown" and claim the work as yours!
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August 10, 2006

Why do Myspace Ads Suck?

I have no idea if these ads are a global buy or are only being served for my IP but I have only 2 real brands advertising on Those being Dell and Virgin Blue) Aside from the plethora of "brand" profiles there doesn't seem to be any real campaigns running/

Below is one of the of the quality ads I've been served while exploring the wonder that is

Revenue aside isn't it in the best interest of Myspace sales people to show how advertisers have jumped onto the Myspace revolution? Or is this the only ad money they can attract. Scam ads to win iPods and Spyware.

I clicked this to be enlightend and it told me to install "Starware" to get the latest gossip. Excellent sounds harmless to me :)


This is my fav though. I clicked and unfortunately no horny gamer girls looking for fun to be seen :( My search continues for chicks that like to frag.

Maybe Myspace set a cookie that flagged me as gullible but after the Horny Gamer girls, between a new ad for a HP printer I'm shown this beauty.


It's like when you're watching late night TV and there's ads for rug sales, ringtones and sex chat lines.

This article on the the $900 million dollar Google deal explains a little why advertisers are reluctant to use display advertising on Myspace.

August 9, 2006

newcreatives award 2006

This looks like fun., the online community database driven by the ideas of young creative people launches its ‘call for participation’ for its 2006 ‘newcreatives award’ competition. Young, global creatives can compete for the best ideas for ALESSI, the renowned, high-end Italian “Factory of Design”. The participants will look for the most impactful ideas in support of Alessi’s soon-to-open US Flagship store on Greene Street, in Manhattan’s fashionable SoHo District. (The store will open in mid-September of this year), as well as focus on branding ideas for the US market.

Interested creatives of all disciplines (advertising, graphic design, product design, free artists, photography, web design, filmmakers, fashion designers, illustrators, etc…), up to the age of 30, and with a maximum of 3 years of professional experience, can get their copy of the briefing by confirming their participation at

The competitors will have a month to complete a 2-category task on ‘How beauty can affect your daily life'. Mid-September, an international jury of professional advertising and design creatives will select category winners, who will get a free trip to NY and will be invited to the newcreatives award ceremony and winners’ exhibition in the new Alessi store in NY. At the award ceremony, the Grand winner will receive an additional $1000 in Alessi product.

The full press release can be downloaded here.

August 8, 2006

Is Youtube Doomed?

Here's two very negative articles on how YouTube could be doomed.

Bandwidth aside the site has the lion’s share of video on the web and I doubt it will just suddenly go bust. Maybe this Valleywag has interests in one of the competitors or just likes to punch people when they are on top of the world.

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