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April 22, 2009


Ha ha.

A minor work of genius from Poke.

Here I was twittering about how crap the iPhone apps for Westpac and Commbank were, and how they've jumped in without thinking:

"Lets do an iPhone app (or was that the agency) - "yeah" and then... What they end up with is a glorified portal on the iphone linking to the netbank etc through the browser within the iphone. Granted they both use your GPS to show you where a branch or ATM are.. but I want something a bit more useful (or fun - like a lightsaber) from my apps - even if they are for free.

Like, maybe, an iphone banking app that uses cool stuff to make my transactions easier and fun - at least? I mean I keep hearing from hardcore coders that there's a fairly hefty investment in programming apps, and why would you bother for something that's solved with a couple of bookmarks in existing app?

And then i saw this - it even make sme sound smarter - like I'm British or sumfink.

it's a lot "cleaner" than an idea which I was floating about a few months back - it has a mouth, but not as much talking. If anyone wants to put their hand up to program "that" then email me now, please

Carousel: A Cinema 21:9 Production

This is pretty amazing:

A site for Philips new 21 million:1 cinema plasma/LCD.

It's spectacular and very expensive.

Felt close to Halo: Believe, and the masterful HBO voyeur in the richness and production of the film components. I'm a huge fan of "film" online, and the shift away from vector as a primary source for Marketing footage use/animation online.

It's the future ladies and gentlemen if you didn't know that already. It's just a wonderful thing to see an open approach to content creation and the use of it across multiple channels, or it's use in an agnostic manner. There's so many "TV ad guys" freaking about their jobs in the years to come - well you don't need to freak you just gotta look at using film beyond the viral. Seriously.

What's super is you can see how easily it will shift across the different key visual channels and the way that the interactions been integrated for this example is really really nice. Consisting of a Lighting guy, Director and SFX walk on that has some really sweet little bridges.

It's from Tribal DDB amsterdam.

Take a look - my 2 cents: I like halo and voyeur better still though, this just didn't have the same level of craft or tangibility.

January 22, 2009

A Kitchen wiki


Every couple of weeks, Trish from Kraft AU publishes a little email newsletter with a 5 recipes and some nice big pictures out to Australia and beyond. In it's current guise, it's faithfully published each fortnight with the help of the digital team at Wunderman in Melbourne. (Trish is a "food scientist", and scientists are really smart, usually, so it's good - well written, super tasty dish combinations, full course stuff)

So thats one thing, good food options each fortnight, yumo.

So when Trish was looking to spread the good word about her Kraft Kitchens email, the thinking was "Why not give everyone else the opportunity to add their own little finishing touch to some of her super recipes?" - Like a recipe wiki, where (not unlike the earths best encyclopedia) members can suggest new or alternate ingredients, methods, hints & or tips to a chosen recipe, or just agree/disagree with someone else's well considered alteration.

oh and if you add to the list of suggestions/changes/amends, you go into the running for dinner prize worth a $1000 (thats 3 zero's) for you and your "team" of foodie friends.

Great for Vegans and Vegetarians, lactose intolerants, celiac's, Nut allergic's and Buddhists +++ looking to for ideas that don't use whatever it is in the recipe that may offend them, like prawns or garlic...

Anyhow it's pretty good, it's at and really interesting to see all the options you perhaps might never have thought on your own, the wisdom of crowds indeed.

ps. If you're into food, then you should sign up for the newsletter, but if you have an opinion, and tell Trish, you'd be signed up anyhow.

January 17, 2009

Tumblr V5 video

Introducing: Tumblr v5 from David Karp on Vimeo.

This is how you launch a new version. Not some shitty press release but a video explaining everything quickly and easily. Hey even throw in words like "sick" and "sexy" too. Can't hurt.

Next time you launch a new site for a client why not produce a video that sells it to your audience. This is especially important for sites that, on the surface, might not seem that exciting to the consumer. Sites such as community sites or the more functional sites such as banking and travel. Why assume your visitors are going to explore all the great features you spent months planning and building.

January 16, 2009

Did Steve tell you that perchance?

To launch the new season of Flight of the Conchords, HBO has created the Lip Dub Fansterpiece Competition/.


Free MP3 of Hiphopapotamous + record yourself lip-synching = goodness.

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