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August 4, 2006
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Nice touch as an interupting floating ad. The Auto-redirect needs to die though...

Ha, this was fantastic. Unforunately here you can't see the website in the background because we've only got the layer. If you picture this launching out of a media website, the shoe coming at you out of the text in the background, it feels a lot more like it stabs through the screen.

Posted by:Matt Cumming on August 10, 2006 7:41 PM

OMG! WTF!? This one scared the hell outta me! I always get pissed at banner ads that don't use user-initiated audio...that's why i stopped going to MySpace

I really feel like audio like this is intrusive and creates a bad image for the client. I feel like the brand cares less about me and more about getting my attention. In fact, audio like this, in my eyes, is equivillent to a banner ad with the distracting flashing. It's called FLASH but you dont have to make things flash

Great clean image and im sure the impact is awesome!

Posted by:Justin[US] on August 14, 2006 6:11 AM

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