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August 5, 2006
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Translation: "You haven't forgotten about being left out have you?" "FRIENDS. Help us stop bullying. - Send money to this account ######"

If this happens to you I think it means you have bad BO. I thought the other cursors would beat up your cursor but they just avoid it. Kind of a mixed message for me. I guess it's hard to depict one cursor giving another a wedgie.

I guess the word "bullying" is misleading. The original (swedish?) reads "mobbingen". Thats probably bullying or harrasment at work - which is less beating up but more avoiding and pointing at someone. And thats what the cursors are doing.

p.s. keep up the good work as a valuable source of inspiration.

Posted by:mirko on August 7, 2006 7:52 PM

This ad is so captivating and clean! The message is still clear if the user doesn't rollover the ad. It makes my cursor sad :(

Posted by:Justin [US] on August 14, 2006 5:58 AM

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