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September 21, 2007
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This made me smile and hungry at the same time. Seen on Creativity Online and originally clicked through to here.

MMMmmm oreo cake.

It's so rare to see a banner used for pure branding, that it was jarring. I had a mini crisis upon seeing it.

"Where's the call to action?!" My left brain yelled.
"Shut up! you don't NEED to drive response with everything, you twit!" yelled back my right.
"But the internet IS direct marketing!"
"It doesn't have to be, dammit! Whatever happened to pure awareness?!"
"But what about ROI? Accountability?!"
"That's it!"

Then there was a fight. It hurt a lot, and I lost control of most motor skills. But my right brain won, and as a result I love the ad.

Posted by:Pace on September 22, 2007 1:25 AM

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