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November 29, 2005

'The Inside Job' by Samsung

My team at RMG Connect* today launched what I feel is a great example of brand and product interaction online for the new Samsung D600 phone. The centrepiece of the campaign is an interactive game titled 'The Inside Job'.

I won't say much more, other than you can play it here and judge for yourself The Inside Job

*Lets not forget little old Soap Creative [Ashley]

November 27, 2005

ADMA and AWARD Winners

The ADMA and AWARD winners are now online. ADMA only gave out 4 awards this year for Interactive.

Would it hurt AWARD to put any intomation NOT in a PDF?

November 5, 2005

Yahoo! Think Tank

Another great Idea from Yahoo! with the Yahoo! Think Tank. I'm heading down to the Customs house today to check it out.

I wonder who else will be in the tank during the stunt?

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