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December 20, 2005

Become an Editor

BannerBlog wants you! {Insert picture of a guy in stars and stripes pointing the finger} as an editor!

We are looking for another 3-4 people to become regular contributors to the main blog.

No pay, no impressive titles and there is no corner office with a pinball machine but you will get a bannerblog email and some Subway stamps.

Please send a brief email to Submit [at] explaining why you want to be an editor.

December 19, 2005

Xmas Links

Here's a quick roundup of the Xmas links that have come our way in 2005. No surfing Santa's this year which is a change. (many links lifted from adverblog and Ad Rants

A very tone deaf Xmas from the Soaperheroes at Soap Creative. And for those wondering Chuck works in Soap's account department. He looks after the receivables.

Communication Arts have their second annual Xmas Ecard annual online. This one has Soap's 2004 and a few others not listed here.

Miller's amazing light show that I cant help but watch over and over.

Get crafty at Christmas (very catchy tune) with EVB

Brat Invasion game by the guys at Titoonik

You can also play Elf Zapper

M&C Saatchi & IAG (Insurance Australia Group) remind us that insurance is an important part of the holiday season with the game Sneaky Santa.
I could have sworn M&C Saatchi already did a bad joke cracker ecard last year but I can't remember.

UK Agency Dare Digital sends us an e-card that we'll be keeping long after christmas Lynx Girls

Trampoclaus wishes your a merry fucking christmas.

AKQA show how hard it can be to put together a xmas message.

EuroRSCG have a cute little ecard

The 12 Days of Advertising is kinda catchy

Send a snowflake from Method.

Grey SF movie was too big for me to preview but I'll take a guess and say it's OK.

Christmas time is war!

The process in creating a xmas message is deconstructed here with Closerlook

Tequila show how they party and also they aren't subtle when it comes to product placement.

A very funny Turkey game from Devotion.

Reactive seemd to have hired the swedish chef! We wanted to get him in too.

NineMSN use their own products to create their xmas message.

Optus ditch the penguins this year for a Kangaroo in their annual Ecard. Great work again from M&C Saatchi.

Scratch it up this Xmas with DJ Santa

AAPT go for a Straight talking Santa. Another nice piece from Tequila.

BMF let us know it's unAustralian to make bad ads. But more than fine to rehash your own winning ideas :)

Barclay Mowlem have produced another funny but info heavy Xmas message. Big Fish up in Brisbane helping Barclay with that one.

Profero shake it up for xmas.

pimp my nut cracker creatureseattle

tubatomic xmas

the adventures of bob Glue london

If you have any other Xmas ecards for clients please send them to us and we'll post them up.

December 16, 2005

Care Gift Shop

Ever since aid agencies started putting products to donation amounts it makes giving so much easier. I much prefer buying a goat than just donating $50.

Care Australia has a nice and simple gift shop open now. View it here.
Site by the talented people at Visual Jazz.

This year why not have your agency buy a plough for a village or a couple of cows.

NineMSN Creative Clique 2006

It's the online advertising award that celebrates the scam ad. No not Cannes it's NineMSN's Creative Clique and it's back for 2006 with a trip to Cannes and $100K in media up for grabs.

McDonald's Australia Re-launch

Tribal DDB (Australia Interactive Agency of the Year 2005 according to B&T has re-launched

It's a brave new design that looks great but even on broadband was a little slow to load.

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