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January 30, 2006

Battle of the Blogs - Vote for us!

Ralph Wiggum : What's a Battle?

The Battle of the Ad Blogs is over and the votes are being couted. A big thanks to all that voted and a "TALK TO THE HAND" to those that couldn't be bothered :)

January 28, 2006

Online Campaign for

Saatchi & Saatchi NZ have launched a large online campaign for Ferrit. With 4 faux sites and 2 more in the works. This must be when the client can't decide what idea to go with and just says "Do them all".

Check out Ferrit Her (nice moe Dave), One Ferrit Fits All, Ferrit Folk and Ferrit for Corky.

January 24, 2006

Creative Showcase grand prix awards

Went along to a reasonably modest ICA night in London last night, it was the Creative Showcase grand prix awards - run by the IAB.

The awards were based on the monthly showcase 12 winners for the 2005 year - judging consistes of a number of new media professionals who vote on entries by agencies or individuals, there's a winner and two runner ups - it's a good view of the (mainly) UK industry as -it-happens.

Some really nice work there, but anyway the winner this time around was London with their NSPCC banners and overlays - which were featured right here on bannerblog in december.

Second were Glue with their Navy campaign and third was a collaboration of Agency Republic, Glue and AKQA with the Make Poverty History. I'm guessing Hamish will be able to point the way to these. nice one.


January 18, 2006

Coke Zero backlash mounting online

Update: A reader sent me a link to a research report on Word of Mouth marketing, titled 'To Tell or Not to Tell?' - Disclosure & Organised Word-of-Mouth Marketing. The report by and Professor Walter Carl is availabled from here - to download

Coke Zero. It's the new sugar free product from Coca-Cola, and it's teaser campaign has used a number of alternative/emerging forms of media to spread it's message. From unbranded billboards to the spray painting of footpaths with statements such as "why can't big nights come with zero morning afters?"" and a Zero Movement website, the campaign is a distinct departure from the usual coke formula.

The result? It appears to have provoked a backlash amongst internet users for it's perceived hijacking of the weblog/community space.

One of the most contentious aspects of the teaser campaign is the formation of a so-called action group called the 'The Zero Movement'. Complete with blog and manifesto. The site has prompted a strong backlash from the blogging community, who have branded it an unwelcome intrusion that is 'dishonest'.

In a typical adbusters style, a group of users have formed another zero movement, exposing the Coke zero movement as nothing more than "a bunch of advertising wankers pretending to be a grass-roots movement". The group has hijacked the .org domain for the renegade zero movement. (let this be a lesson to advertisers who fail to secure multiple domains) and used it to promote 'real' causes, as well as using it as an opportunity to highlight some of the other coke sites out there, including Killer Coke.

The blacklash has even earned the renegade Zero Movement website a listing on the ever popular Wikipedia Coke Zero Entry

Further searches turned up a number of post on various Yahoo Forums(Sports, Movies, News) by a person named Carl from the Zero Movement. A quick search on Google how widespread some of the forum postings are, and amongst all of this are posts from users on blogs and other forums, when they realise its just one big Coke advertisement.

Has coke overstepped the mark with its invasion of the online community? Judging by the various examples above, I'd say yes. Is this the type of response Coke was looking for? I'm not entirely sure it would be. Whatever the result for Coke, there are some valuble insights and learnings here.

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January 11, 2006

Contextual Ads gone wrong



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