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June 20, 2006

Australia's Newest Billionaire


It's another "upload your face" viral campaign. Luckily this campaign for BRW adds a little more life to it. Hopefully 2007 will be a year free of clients asking for this type of campaign.

Good to see original video being recorded for online.


Cannes Cyber Lions Short list here.

Good to see the steadler campaign from HOST has made it thus far, I liked the work.

Ashley says: This has to be the best year for Australia yet though. Congrats to Leo Burnett, Host, Tequila, Saatchi & Saatchi and I guess Netx too. And a big finger to the judges for not shortlisting any of our stuff. Bastards! hehe :)

June 19, 2006

Big Warnie


How can you top the Boony campaign?

You have to think big! Big Warnie that is. Let's see the Poms respond to that!

June 7, 2006

Viral Viral Viral Viral


How many times have you seen or heard your Creative/Media/PR agency talk or do a new business presentation that included the word viral? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the concept of 'viral marketing' just the inappropriate use of the term!

It's almost like every new campaign launched this year has a 'viral' element to it. Everyone's going viral!

I overheard a women talking about a viral the other day when walking through Kings Cross. Sure she was a hooker and talking to her pimp and maybe it was about viral in a Herpes context, but either way everyone's talking about doing a 'viral'

Just because your new campaign has a TV ad is on a URL does not make it viral.
No-one cares that your adult incontinence ad is being streamed at

Viral is not a product, you can't make a viral.
Put simply, its not viral till it goes viral!!

Recently, the Business Sunday program here in Australia had a segment on viral marketing. You can see it here and make your own judgement.

Particularly amusing is the guy presenting 'virals' using a TV and a remote.

Got an opinion on viral? Send it to us(we promise to have commenting available on News items shortly)

comment from Tobie: The one thing that struck me in that report from what I saw was the video aspect. it's not Video thats a viral. Here's an early, original example the Global Rich list that uses no video at all, and used less almost no than bandwidth to provide it's message.

ps. How successful can a video viral be considering the access problems to a good fast cheap broadband service in oz? (sorry to go on about it...)

June 6, 2006

Beer League: Pingball


We've (that's Soap) just created a naughty pinball flash game for the release of Artie Lange's Beer League. In our defense the movie is rated (R) and Artie is a regular on the Howard Stern show so we tried to keep in theme. I hear that The Pitching Machine can be booked for weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate functions.

So those easily offended should not play Pingball.

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