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June 3, 2006



Is singapore close enough to oz? maybe canada?

I thought it relevant given all the video in banner dicussion and submissions, that it be worth a little plug for the onedotzero travelling festival number 9. Based in at the ICA in london and travelling around the world on occasion, it's a pretty big deal, showcasing a wide range of digital animation and moving image.

If you can go i'd highly recommend it.

check out the website

June 1, 2006

64,115 Unique Visitors for May 2006


Bannerblog has reached a milestone breaking 60,000 unique visitors within a month. Just shy of our 1 year birthday. While I don't want to drop pants and compare sizes, this pretty impressive for such a niche blog.

There has never been a better time to submit your work to us and gain exposure to the global advertising industry.

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