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February 26, 2007

Agency Xmas Cards 2006

Yes I know I'm more than two months late but I hate to leave things not done.

Here is an incomplete list of the agency Xmas cards we were sent this year. Some are good and some great.

I stole a couple from a CommArts article found here.

I can't get enough of the one for Framestore. It's just rocks along and is beautiful to watch over and over.

Note: Although the last one Santasm isn't from an agency or a production house I just thought it was so weird it had to be included. It was created by the two directors (featured in the clip) for their friends.

The Number 23 Viral


Host has launched a viral campaign for Jim Carrey's new film 23.

Type in a few details of a friend and then send away. Entering the details is quite easy.

It's looks the part (like a professors hand made site) and is scripted well. Even the email you received is faked to look the part.

February 14, 2007



Rather than jump on the Youtube train, Turner has created their own video portal concentrating on funny video content called Super Deluxe. What makes this standout is the quality of the content and the fact it's exclusive on the site. A notable contributor is FarkTV which is the video versin of the popular site

Sure they have all the other "community" boxes ticked but it’s the content that makes the site what it is. Check it out it's worth a look.

Here's my fav video series for the moment, Professor Brothers.


Another newcomer to the internet channel trend is Bud.TV. The content ranges from new and old Bud TVC's, exclusive promo-sodes (their word not mine) of TV shows and short comedy videos. It’s not as polished at as thought out as Super Deluxe but it's early days and it looks like they are expanding their offering soon.


The next offering is the Spike Jonze directed Vice TV or VBS.TV I don't think I need to say more than Spike Jonze. The guy's a freaking genius so let's see how this goes as Vice already has the street cred behind it.

Add these channels to MTV Overdrive and Youtube and you never have to watch real TV again.

February 13, 2007

Crowded Ads

Here's a list of commercials I remember off the top of my head that feature large crowds of people in ads.
British Airways: Face
Tooeys: Big Ad
Lynx Billions
Durex: Sperm
Millers: Dominos
Tango: Blackcurrent
Snickers: Don't Stop
Drunktick: Summer
Playstation: The Mountain
Xbox: Water Baloon
Nike: Keep the Ball Alive
Nike TAG
Honda Choir
Adidas Impossible is Nothing
Nike Musical Chairs
Xbox360: Standoff
Adidas Unstoppable
Talk Talk
Lynx Pied Piper
Folgers: Happy Morning
Coke: What Goes Around
Nicorette: No Gary No

Life on the Playstation: Porn Stars

Chevy: Car Wash
Career Builder: Office Jungle
Wendy's: Tree Kicking
Have I missed any good ones?  

Voodoo Love for Swatch


Just in time for Valentines is Eddy's site for Love Voodoo. There's videos, tips, ecards and a whole bunch of other goodies. I think this is to promote the new Swatch watch? which would explain this page on the site.

The videos are funny but not that interesting considering the kiddies would rather watch more elaborate videos like Quicksilver's Dynamite Surfing viral.

I haven't seenthat many Valentines promotions this year. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. If you've seen a good one send it to us.

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