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October 11, 2007

Media Gaffe: Colgate's Blind Sex Offender



I'm not sure which one is creepier. In the top we have what the "near blind" man would have seen. In the bottom it's as if he's looking at me. The article can be found here.

Can advertisers ask to not be served on pages containing articles of questionable content. Who wants to have their ad next to this article or others like it?

A Few Good Creative Men

hahaha! You can't handle a bigger logo!

October 8, 2007

Branded Weekend Entertainment

I'm excited about this weekend's events with two branded events taking place in Sydney and both in my neighborhood. No more will Bondi have all the fun.


Mini Strike combines two of my loves, Ten Pin and Mini Coopers. It's self proclaimed as "The World's First Car Bowling Experience".

Luckily I'll be driven around by experienced drivers in their MINI's and have a video and photo of my experience captured for me. The event is on this Saturday 13th and 14th October. More info here.


Mambo's Finders Keepers is a easter hunt around Sydney for original Mambo artworks and PSP's.

Mambo even put together a video to promote the event.

With just 188 views I'm hoping the turn out will be low on the weekend so grabbing the artwork won't involve arm wrestling some emo kids.

More info on Mambo's ugly Myspace page.


And if you're a little younger and in the Paramatta on the 12th you can help Kzone break a world record (these seems to just be fodder for brands now) for the most people playing a DS in the one spot. The record is just 250 which seems pretty low so the record could go down.

More info here.

Toyota World of Warcraft viral

This is some viral genius from Toyota. Anyone familar with the various WoW gamer videos that occassionally do the rounds (i.e Leeroy Jenkins) knows how spot on this is for the target audience.

October 3, 2007

Philips Bodygroom and the Creative Douchebags

Philips Bodygroom, that microsite/product that was probably only a close shave away from bagging the cyber grand prix a year or two ago, was actually worked on by Pete, the guy who puts together the always cynical Douchebag series of comics:



Perusing the douchebag site also led me to come across a nice behind the scenes prequel to the Bodygroom stuff - The Story of Sack:

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