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February 26, 2008

Starwars According to a 3 year Old

OK I didn't want to post another Youtube video but this is too good.

Yes it Starwars so that attracts the fans but a kid retelling a classic movie plot makes great viewing.

Imagine trying to pitch an idea like this to a studio for a viral piece. I'd love to see more kids interpretations of films.

If you want an insight into a kids mind and what they see a computer for check this article about the "Laptop Club". You can't get a more honest answer than this. I hope the OLPC has a games button!


Happy Banking


Bank West has launched a new campaign titled "Happy Banking" and just like the Commbank going all the way to the US to find and agency Bank West made the big leap to Sydney's Host. I really like the campaign as it introduces the iniatives by Bank West in an interesting and fun way.

The main part of the online campaign is this personalized message maker. Type your name and gender and have kittens sing it back to you. Who doesn't like kittens? As annoying as they may be cats dominate the web. Well lolcats that is. Get a cat playing a Wii and you've pretty much got yourself interweb gold.

Here's my name, as sadly Bannerblog wouldn't fit. The site also has the other TV ads and all the offers from Bank West. The singing cats have been labeled Experiment #1 so I believe there will be more. I like this online extension so much more than the Commbank effort.

Here's the TVC which has interviews with a variety of objects that make people happy and then relating it back to banking.

Here's the flower ad. My favs the teddy, who's double parked, but it's not on Youtube yet. The camera zooms, voice talent and set are spot on.

The Optus ad from 07 had animals running around with microphones recording people so it's the idea flipped.


This all reminds of Ardman's Creature Comforts, the same voice over lady and mic in shot.

I also just found this special for the disabled called "Creature Discomforts".

February 25, 2008

Dentsu Elevator Pitch

Posted in the category of It-Doesn't-Need-To-Be-Done-But-When-It-Is-Done-It's-Pretty-Damn-Cool, mega advertising conglomerate Dentsu of Japan has an interesting little SWF embedded on their website - a visually synched representation of the lifts being used in their building, shown in real-time:


Amazingly, browsing their otherwise pretty dry site, I read they service a total of six THOUSAND clients.

February 24, 2008

Gmail Russia

This video was produced by Saatchi Moscow was put together to help sell Gmail's features to Russians. Reminds me of Doubleyou's Xmas card from 2006

Found via Adverlab

OS Sounds: Mac vs PC

For once I believe the PC is better.

Windows Sounds Track

Mac Sounds Track

These were inspired by this very old Windows Sounds Flash animation that did the rounds back in early 2000.

These videos hit 3 touch points that help make a good viral.
1: Technology: people eat up content around technology and
2: Lots of work: any video that makes you think, "wholly shit that would have taken ages" gets good traction.
3: Music: Check the top viewed videos on Youtube and you'll see its heavily dominated by music. Followed by sex, obscure and the humor.

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