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November 7, 2011

SEGA launches Sonic The Hedgehog Augmented Reality iPhone App in Australia

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, JWT Sydney and SEGA have launched a multi-platform campaign based around an augmented reality app that can be used in conjunction with out-of-home, TV, magazines, online banners and websites. The campaign has launched exclusively in Australia and the Sonic Vision app is only available in the Australian iTunes store.

The 'Sonic Vision - Catch the Blue Blur' iPhone app ( allows fans to capture Sonic in the real world by locating augmented reality markers around the country using built-in maps and GPS.

To catch Sonic, players can point their iPhone at a poster and a gold ring appears on screen. Sonic speeds past onscreen and players have to respond quickly to capture him. The markers also appear on websites, banners, in magazines and on TV.

SEGA is also distributing Augmented Reality Markers to bloggers and gaming websites encouraging them to be part of the campaign by voluntarily embedding the markers (example below) within their pages to attract Sonic Vision players.

Capture Sonic Here - A Sonic Vision AR marker for blog owners

Fans can also submit their points to a leaderboard and follow the progress of other players, win Sonic prizes and share their scores on Facebook.

"JWT has recognised the rising prominence of mobile amongst gamers and created an experience that is a fitting celebration of a gaming icon like Sonic the Hedgehog," said SEGA marketing manager Neroli Baird.

The campaign also coincides with the much anticipated release of Sonic Generations for Nintendo DS, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC. Sonic Generations delivers the definitive gaming experience for Sonic fans new and old and is considered the ultimate celebration of 20 Years of Sonic gaming,

Sonic Vision iPhone App - Sonic Generations

March 17, 2011


Banner+aid helps the online community to give their paid banner advertising a temporary makeover and help spread the word for charities to give to those in need.


It's a webpage process that enables flash banners to be labeled with a special corner that expands to reveal messages for charity. It's a way for worthy causes to piggyback on paid for media without cost. It's a way for business and media buying companies to show support for people in need.

The cause of the moment is Red Cross helping those in need through Japanese quake and Pacific Tsunami.

The additional layer does not affect the existing messaging, animation, click through or interaction within the original banner that was uploaded in most cases. The total extra file weight of the processed banner is around 6kb.

Formats supported are all standard IAB sizes (300x250 MREC, 160x600 Widesky, 120x600 Sky, 468x60 standard banner and 420x600 Monster).

Anybody advertising online can upload and process a banner to contain the added layer by visiting , and use the updated outputted banner to replace existing trafficked banner ads OR as a final step before trafficking a new banner.

Banner+Aid is a not for profit messaging tool which allocates it's messages to a current and visible cause, by offering a direct link through to a donation page or other relevant information areas from within existing online display banners.

Help spread the word guys.

July 11, 2010

Youtube and Encouraging Creativity

It feels like every week there is another creative use of Youtube or they are releasing a new feature or R&D initiative. While looking for more examples I stumbled onto their global blog which covers most of the interesting Youtube news.

Here is just a few of the recent examples I have been exposed to. There were even more in the blog but these have made there way to me via multiple links, tweets and emails.

Circular Youtube Video for Cadbury by Saatchi Sydney
Such a nice simple twist and the videos play into the viral crowd also. A big loss bot being able to embed though.


Youtube Chrome Fastball

Ridley Scott's Life in a Day

The Vuvuzela Button on most Yotube videos just for the World Cup. (Looking for a "Double Rainbow" button to be added soon)


Guggenheim Museum and Youtube's Play

I love the Youtube Play video by Johnny Kelly

And the best free music player out there is Youtube Disco. You just need to close your eyes :)


What About Facebook?
Compare this splurge on creativity to Facebook which seems to be actively trying to stop agencies and their users having fun with their platform.

Whopper Sacrifice: shutdown
Idea Tag Photo: sorry against the terms of service
Promotions on your wall: Not allowed (unless you spend big and get written approval)

Annoying Dating and Weight Loss Ads: They're still here but the list of banned ads types is growing so thats good.
Beacon & other Privacy Issues: Whoops
Farmville almost lost: Last minute deal keeps Zynga happy
Also with Facebook are spending their time taking features away. After reworking gifts in late 2009 it is now being removed.

Facebook also have a blog but it's a little more dry than Youtubes.

On the upside the "Like" button has been a huge success and I'm also excited for Facebook Credits and it's applications for advertisers and potential to become a global web currency.

It seems to be that recently Facebook has spent most of it's time fighting fires, than actually doing anything interesting with the platform.

Note: I'm not a Facebook hater, just right now I'd rather hang out on "Youtube Party Island" than "Facebook Rule Town".

August 27, 2009

Video Ads in Magazines

Looking foward to being bombarded with print based video ads now. Auto sound too!?

More details here.

July 19, 2009

Nike Chalkbot

aPicture 10.png

Great little campaign from Nike. Is it even a "campaign"? They've just created a useful/fun tool and branded it. Lovely stuff. A big tradition in the Tour De France is for fans to write messages of encouragement on the road in chalk for the riders as they go by. Nike has made it so that anybody in the world can submit a message and have it written on the road. Thanks to Chalkbot. An internet-connected chalk tool that will etch people's messages that have been submitted via twitter or the website. As some people have said, it's a great merging of the digital and physical worlds. Or a bridge between the two perhaps. It's also a great example of how good digital ideas are light enough to travel around social networks, rather than the meat of it being based in a microsite. And any ad idea that has robots in it automatically wins in my book.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

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