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I'm on the Cannes Cyber Jury 2008.


The unspeakable favors have paid off. I have been selected as Australia's representative in the 2008 Cannes Cyber Lions Jury.

Ashadi will also be attending the event side of things, so we'll be trying to organize some Bannerblog get together to put faces to the banners. SO if you are also attending get in touch.

PS: My mum thought I was getting a trip to Cairns which is understandable as she lives on the Gold Coast and wanted me to visit on my way over. Sorry mum.

March 4, 2008

Designers vs Developers

The designer creates an idea for a web page, then passes it to the developer, who can only recreate the design as much as the technical limitations allow. Before they know it, the work is compromised. The designer blames the developer. The developer blames the designer. And the riot police are called.

But it really doesn't have to be like this,

This is the premise for a new viral campaign by MRM Worldwide UK for Microsoft and the Expression Studio software suite.

MRM's previous viral campaign, 'Stationary is Bad' won a silver Cyber Lion at Cannes in 2005. Be sure to check out the website

Macquarie Comms Group & Blue Freeway?

Contrary to what Adnews is reporting, we think Macquarie Communications Group is a potential suitor for Blue Freeway. Just a guess, but at last look in January, Macquarie Group Limited had acquired 10.39% of BLU Read ASX Announcement

MCG could indeed be Mitchell Communications Group, but we think otherwise.

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