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October 24, 2009

Top 10 Banners for September

Below are the rankings (by unique page views) for the last month on Bannerblog.I have also compared the previosu 3 year's banners as a retro look back. The only problem with this system is that it doesnt count views while on the homepage. Some banners were the 2nd banner after the homepage they got lots of individual views. Homepage views dont count. So it's not a perfect ranking system by any means but it is interesting. This would also explain why some of the more "sub standard" banners made it into the top list.

Top 10: September 2009

  1. IBM: Smart Roads
  2. How Wheels: Maniacs
  3. ANZ: Small Business
  4. Greenpeace
  5. Infamous Rag Doll
  6. Intercontinental hotels
  7. Suzuki Swift: Exit
  8. BEC
  9. Orbit: Wettest Gum
  10. GM Meriva: Drop

Top 10: September 2008

  1. Hedge
  2. Pussy Poll
  3. Gatorade: Push Toy
  4. Listerine: Tornado Patrol
  5. mix your own drink
  6. Redbull X Fighters
  7. Wendys Freshly Made
  8. Kit Kat: Hans
  9. Zippo: Dance Like Stars
  10. Barnardos: Education

Top 10: September 2007

  1. Fnatasy Interactive Job
  2. Gilette Scroll Shave
  3. Nipple Twister
  4. COke: Fancy Music
  5. VW: Big Gear
  6. Proanima: Twirly
  7. Shick: Parking Ticket
  8. RAC: Crash
  9. Dangerous Animal
  10. Estado Comma

Top 10: September 2006

  1. Ipod: Nano
  2. Red Bull Air race
  3. Mini: White rabbit
  4. Thames Toilet
  5. Winterfresh: Pow
  6. Syriana
  7. GM: Buying a Car
  8. Ikea
  9. Audi: Spin
  10. Comcast: Culture

October 16, 2009

Shocking Barack


New from CP+B:

Brammo, maker of electric powerbikes, is trekking to Washington DC in an attempt to meet President Obama. The hope is to pitch their Enertia powercycle as a readymade solution to the transportation crisis.

The cool thing is, there's no opulent hotel budgets or corporate jets. The guys are doing it all via Couchsurfing and with the help of electrical outlets in people's homes across the country.

If you can help, with a couch, a charge, or if your best friend's cousin knows a guy who knows The Prez get in touch with the guys as they make their journey.

October 12, 2009

Elect The Jury


For this year's ANDY awards they have decided to let the jury be chosen by popular vote. I love this idea even though I don't stand a chance of getitng voted in (i'm 6th from the bottom). But considering the likes of Shepard Fairey, David Byrne, Josh Spear, Kevin Rose and even head speechwriter for the president Jon Favreau.

Even Australia's radio hosts Hamish and Andy are up for election. Although seriously if you want your work judged by Hamish & Andy then you are a tool.

Here's Michael and Ty talking about the Elect the Jury idea

Why Elect The Jury? from 2010 ANDY Awards on Vimeo.

With these eclectic names on the list why stop there? Why not include Charlie Sheen, Shaq, Ashton Kutcher, The "Will it Blend" Guy, Youtube's Fred, Bill Murray, Tron Guy or Movie Voice Over Guy...

Seriously though what about legends like Limmy or Rob Manuel they are less hyped and bound to show up more than Bansky. Also it's good to see someone from CP+B will make a jury as they seem to have been ignored lately from all the juries I've seen. Politics aside they should have been representing. (I owe them big for all the great banner content on this site)

I think this idea for the jury should result in a more varied jury, more interest in the ANDY awards and less complaining when the jury is picked. A triple win!

And just so I don't end up last on the list, throw a vote in for me while you're voting for more qualified jurors, celebs and fame whores.

Ashley Ringrose

October 11, 2009

Twadges: Twitter Achievements


With so many Twitter ranking sites out there I thought it would be nice if there was a service which awarded you points based on how you use Twitter rather than just how many followers you have. It was then that Twadges was born. This was my internal R&D project at Soap. Each team member has an R&D project and I was able to wrangle a developer, illustrator and a work experience kid to help me put this together.

Yes we know it sounds rude but we're not naming a national icon it's a bit of fun.

Twadges reviews your last 1000 tweets and awards you points and Twadges based on certain criteria. Mention coffee a few times and you'll get the coffee badge. Mention a film currently in the BO in America and you'll get a Twadge for that too. Joined Twitter in the first month? There's a Twadge for that. There are 60 Twadges all up.


We also tapped into Cursebird to get an accurate swear rating of users.


Twitter founder Evan is currently #1 and Marvel's Agent_M is #2 on the rankings. These guys don't even appear in the top of the other ranking sites such as Twitterank, Twitterholic and Twittercounter. I'm not even sure how to compare them on their Twitter Penis size.

We had plans to add many more but the CPU power of parsing through 1000 tweets and comparing for 50 or so keywords is quite intensive.


We also made the Twadges available as avatars., This includes many of the designs we couldn't code for like "tweeted on your birthday". As users don't enter their birth date we could not work this out.

Even though Twadges haven't taken the Twitternet by storm it was still fulfilling having an internal R&D project up and out there to share. As with most R&D projects the journey was more rewarding than the destination.

You should also follow me on Twitter here.

Also if you're into Twitter check out Dustin Curtis's article here.

And if you think Twitter follower counts are the best way to rank people read my Twitter Sheep Syndrome article here. I guess that's why they are called "followers".

October 1, 2009

Social Media Guru


Here's also Graphic Designer vs Client

Check out the News Archive for the rest of the news content.