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March 31, 2010

Jay Jays Dance-Off 3D


The Jay Jays Dance-Off 3D campaign shows Jay Jays new range of winter street clothes in a fresh light in an interactive and entertaining way. You can mix your own edit of dancers, or sit back and watch the master edit play out. And at all times you are able to pause the action and explore each dancer's outfit in detail.

Head in to your nearest jay jays store to pick up your free 3D glasses and then check out Jay Jays Dance Off 3D at

Check out the Visual Jazz Blog for more info on the project

March 30, 2010

The Adventures of Freddo, Season 2 - The Mystery of Slater Island


PUBLICIS MOJO have launched the second season of The Adventures of Freddo. With over 70 minutes of animated storytelling, and 100 fun games and activities.

Check it out

They tell me that "Since we launched yesterday are experiencing a new registration every minute! Australia loves this frog;" Not a bad effort.

March 20, 2010

Mob (a near-future science fiction story) by Tom Scott

Mob (a near-future science fiction story) by Tom Scott from hurryonhome on Vimeo.

Engrossing story (and format) that shows a potential dark future for our connected world.

Seen via @bigspaceship

The Last Ad Agency in the World

Glib would be the term I'd file this video under but it's still quite funny.

March 1, 2010

Your Life is a Game

I love this presentation. I went to order the presenters book and realised it was already in my cart, saved from a previous session. The talk goes a little off the deep end at the end but still shows why many advertising agencies and marketing departments need to embrace gaming in a psychological way.

This is a topic we at Soap Creative have been taking seriously for a while now. We wrote about it in our piece for the soDA Digital Marketing Outlook (pg 34). One of the few companies out there doing this is Bunchball with their Nitro platform. Getting clients to understand the genius of this is a little harder. As a lot of the thinking goes into the behind the scenes and the psychology of "why it works", it's not instantly sexy. I predict the term "meta game" to become much more prevalent in marketing speak over the next 2 years.

While TED gets a lot of press DICE had some solid talks this year. View more of them here.

Side Note: Congrats to the team at Naughty Dog who cleaned up almost every award possible in the 13TH ANNUAL INTERACTIVE ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS which was held at the DICE Summit.

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