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April 15, 2010

AdAge Digital 2010: The 6 Foundations of Great Digital Creative

The presentation below was presented today to in NYC at the Ad Age Digital Conference 2010 by a nervous Ashley Ringrose who in Sydney time did this at 7am. Thanks to the Ad Age team for the opportunity to speak and their support.

If you saw the talk we hope you enjoyed it and have provided the presentation to share the links and also get the extra two article links that were discussed.

We posted yesterday from there about Twitter's new "Promoted Tweets" (not ads but tweets!) and we'll have a roundup of highlights in the next few days. You can get lots of iPad RT's and pull quotes from the Twitter stream.

We'd love some feedback (positive and negative) on the 6 foundations and also if we need more or less or to change them. If you also have some better examples that showcase the 6 let us know in the comments.

April 14, 2010

Samsung 3D TV Viral

The advertising has started for the 3D TVs. Samsung as always lately have produced a viral film and like all their latest efforts it's actually pretty awesome. Although they all seem to be aimed at my sense of humour. I'm guessing this is from The Viral Factory.

Once the novelty and the PR factor of having a 3D TV wears off I feel we'll see these silly TV's fade into obsoleteness.

Twitter gets a revenue stream

So unless you've been living under a large rock (with no wifi), you'll have read that Twitter has announced that businesses can now purchase "promoted tweets" - tweets that will appear as part of the results page when users search. It seems like a pretty smart, user-focused move and one that a lot of folks will be watching super closely. They claim that any tweets that don't resonate well with the audience (ie. get retweeted) will disappear. They also say that users will only be subject to one promoted tweet per results page. It's the second big ad model announced this week (following up after Apple's in-app iAd framework from yesterday). How will it all go? Who knows? But it's all verrry interesting to watch. Does it mean users who never search will not ever see promotional tweets? (How many times does the average user search Twitter?) What's going to be the first creative use of promoted tweets? Will Justin Beiber ever stop being a trending topic? Lots of questions ahead.


Update from Ashley: I saw this announced at the Ad Age Digital conference and a few more details. There was a lot of Twitter activity when it was being discussed

1: It's being tested with search just to iron out initial kinks. It will then be rolled out to more areas
2: No mention of pricing model
3: No real mention of location or geo-targetting
4: CPM model initially
5: Ads will be given a "resonance" score and this score will determine if your tweet will continue to be promoted
6: Launch partners are Virgin America (launching a new route through it exclusively), Bravo and it seems Starbucks.
7: Revenue sharing for publishers and apps (like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic) and some more details revealed tomorrow at a developers conference
8: You will be able to promote multiple Tweets and the system will automatically pick the one with the best resonance.
9: Resonance will NOT be available for general tweets just for promoted ones you paid for. This seems like a real lost opportunity.

It looks like Google Adwords 1.0 right now

April 13, 2010

Apple iAds

Steve Jobs goes through an example of a new iAd, Apple's new platform for in-app advertising.

Check out the News Archive for the rest of the news content.