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November 9, 2006

B&T Top 5: November

Bannerblog's regular feature as seen in B&T magazine's Creative Eye: November 10th Issue.

bt_top5_1_mini.gif 1: IBM: Business Man
Agency: Ogilvy [US]

What could have been a boring white paper type banner has turned into something you can’t help but be mesmerised.


2: Dolby: Light up the night sky
Agency: Freestyle [US]

Crank up your speakers to really experience this one. The interactive lightning adds a nice touch. It was this experience with a Red Bull can that sold it to me though.


3: Apple: Ipod Nano
Agency: Unknown

This is the perfect extension to a great ad.


4: Coke Zero Campaign
Agency: Glue [UK]

A well executed and fun campaign for Coke Zero in the UK.
See Beach, Boy Band, Gigs, Goggles & festival.


5: Mini Spin Art
Agency: Unknown

Both Mini and HP produced similar artistic ads.  Who was first aside, it’s quite interesting being able to create a piece of art in a banner and have that submitted to the campaign’s online gallery at Roof Studio.

As I'm limited to 5 every issue and I didn't have time to consult all the editors on my selection this month I missed these banners that are worth a mention.

Locite Honeymoon
Virgin Money Dragon
AAA Crash
SAAB Extra Equiped

September 29, 2006

B&T Top 5: September

Bannerblog has been asked to create a regular column for B&T magazine featuring the Top 5 banners on Bannerblog every month.

bt_top5_1_mini.gif 1: Mini White Rabbit
Agency: Profero [UK]
Mini took a new approach to the online media campaign by sending the users on a journey rather than to a specific destination. Follow the white mini on a tour of random British sites the likes of and my personal fav


2: VW Pedal
Agency: CP+B [US]

I wouldn't call my self a "rev head" but this execution is extremely gratifying. I love the end line too "Auf Wiedersehen. Sucka."


3: HP Big Prints
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi [SI]

Proof not all banners need to be multimedia extravaganzas to work.


4: Home Gym Bike
Agency: DDB [BR]

This one has everything you want in a banner. Great animation, great sound and a nice payoff for the user's interaction.


5: 9hr Gestures
Agency: Bascule [JP]

This has to be the first "multi-user" banner I've seen and probably the first banner to incorporate live streaming video as well. You're probably going to need to watch the movie to get a full grip on what was created.

The Top 5 sadly has no Australian entries. I'd love to think this will change for the next issue.

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