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August 4, 2007

Webtrends Map


IA of Japan
have created a trend map (full map here) of popular sites and their proximity to each other. Read the full entry on their blog for info on how to buy it as a poster and other formats. Found via the CS blog.

Funny we were making fun of people using Web 2.0 by saying lets aim for web 2.5 and this map already does this.

I wonder how long it will be before other markets catch on and start calling themselves stuff like Bank 2.0, Automobile 2.0, TV 2.0. It sounds like marketing balony yeah? That's how we sound to everyone else by using that terminology.

July 25, 2007

The new Qantas logo

Here are our not-so-serious thoughts on the thinking that was perhaps behind the new Qantas logo.

Point 1 : The Roo no longer touches the ground.

  • That's because its a Flying Kangaroo.

  • The new Roo will spend less time grounded thanks to billions in new plane orders
  • Point 2 : Part of the Roo's tail has fallen off

  • It was the underperforming union bit. The new Roo can do more than ever, but with 5% less Union labor to hold it back

  • Reflects the cutbacks to maintainence. That piece of the tail was present on the original plan, but because the tail painting was out-sourced to Asia, it fell off. However we believe it may be stapled back on in the near future

  • Macquarie Bank souvenired it after its failed privatisation attempt

  • Jetstar took over that bit, as it was under performing and would be run better by its low-cost cousin
  • Point 3 : The Roo has an elevated tail

  • Fare's are going up. It's assumed the position
  • Point 4 : The Roo looks squashed and a bit bigger around the waistline

  • The Roo is seated in Economy. That new Premium Economy class had to get its space from somewhere, so you plebs flying Economy now have even less room

  • It's seated in First Class and has enjoyed a 10-course degustation menu on it's flight from Sydney to LA
  • Point 5 : Italicised Qantas Typography

  • When taxing to and from Sydney Airport's far flung third runway the italicised font makes the plane look like its moving faster to those situated in the control tower, thus cutting a few minutes off the journey to the terminal.

  • It looks like it's making a quick exit, just like a few on the board
  • Point 6 : Bigger Ears

  • Next time you complain about the food, it'll hear you...

  • July 2, 2007

    How not to fake the "V" word


    The next time you put a video on Youtube or create a branded Myspace page for a brand just remember that we can all see the stats on views. So if you video gets a few hundred views or your brand has less Myspace friends than my mum, it's probably not worth trying to promote this as successful work.

    Faking these stats might seem easy but it's not just views that make up a Youtube videos stats. It's favs, rating, comments and links. Those are a lot harder to fake. Same goes for Myspace and there you need comments and an active forum.

    April 6, 2007

    Digital Puppies


    I think of blogs these days as Digital Puppies. Everyone loves a digital puppy but after a few months of having one you realise they are a lot of work to look after. Once the sparkle has worn off many are put to sleep, others are just mistreated and eventually die a lonely death.

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