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The Good Food Fight



This is a great initiative called The Good Food Fight from Daddy and Mono to get Americans eating healthier or more specifically the Eat Better America site.

If you watch mainstream news here in Aus, we're a bunch of fatties too. It's a wonder I can even type on a standard size keyboard with my fat fast food eating fingers.

Here's a few Behind the Scenes green screen photos T.Scott Major from Mono sent us.




And here's the treatment from Daddy from which the site was built from.


I wonder what the talent think when doing these types of jobs. "Yeah I was an angry lunch lady and I pretended to throw food at the camera"

Webby Awards 2008


The Webby Awards 2008 call for entries is open. More notable is the 8 new interactive advertising and mobile categories which have opened up. See below.

- Banner Singles
- Branded Content
- Email Marketing
- Game or Application
- Mobile Advertising
- Online Commercials
- Online Guerilla Marketing
- Rich Media Single: B to B
- Rich Media Single: B to C
- Rich Media Single: Non-Profit/ Educational
- Rich Media Single: Promotional

There are also 3 campaign categories of Banner, Integrated and online.

It looks they have taken on the feedback from judges and now the webbys will be taking on other advertising awards head on.

Entries close October 26, 2007 with winners announced in April 2008. I'm interested in participation rates from agencies and what they think about the Webbys getting into online advertising awards.

September 17, 2007

Google Trends

I sat in on a presentation by Google Australia last week (I love the fact they have the Google URL on their business cards, like anyone would forget) and they showed a tool that's been out for a while called Google Trends. Being a stat junkie I couldn't wait to give it a go. They used the idea that by using Google trends, an analysis is able to predict the box office opening of studio films.

So here is a few things I wasted my time looking up. Some are pretty predictable but others are surprising. The only drawback is if the term you are searching for is quite generic ie Kiss there's no way to see if that's for the band or people actually kissing.
Below is a small snapshot of the data available to you for free. It's quite interesting and addictive too comparing search trends. It's like an instant survey of whats more popular.

Read the full entry for the sexy graphs.

September 3, 2007

Lost Camera


I love this stunt for a "nudie site" (i can't use the P word my host blocks pages with that word) where they posted photos of what was said to be a lost camera. A facebook group gained 15,000 users before being quickly shut down.
Full article here.

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