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October 31, 2007

The Limbless Man and Attention Spans

Thought for the day - it might be a bit of an obvious point, but YouTube seems to have drastically atrophied all of our already-short attention spans.

You know it. When you're watching something online, and you automatically look at how long the video takes, before you decide if its worth waiting to load.

This has interesting relevancies for the kind of content we are willing to consume, where and when. Would something like The Gamekillers, which was a bit of a pioneering piece of longer format content, best suited to release as mobile episodes? Online? Giveaway DVD with spray? How long works best in what space?

Case in point, the story of the man with no limbs, see below. Nick has no arms, no legs, yet can swim, operate a DVD, and even make an omelette (although he is a bit sloppy with the shell. Sheesh, lift your game Nick).

Now, this is an incredible story, an incredible person, and an incredible video. Yet, I found myself skipping through it because of its length (7 mins).

No doubt you looked at the length of this post to see if you could be bothered reading it. : -)

Also, in a bit of a nod to their new Google ownership perhaps, YouTube modded their logo for Halloween:


October 23, 2007

Aussie Youtube

In a move that only benefits advertisers Youtube have launched in Australian version. And to mark thsi special occasion they produced this video with almost every stereotype known. Sadly no "shrimp on the barbie" and "crikeys" to be found.

What this means for Australian advertiers is access to the featured video and the ability to do competitions, or as Youtube calls them "Community" channels, which was previously USA only.

Summer Heights High

Despite/because of the controversy around it, this show, which finishes up next week, has been a big success in Australia.

Its interesting because its the first time I've consumed a show entirely through its digital format. Well, first time *ahem off the record* anyway. The show is made available for download for a week after airing.

This is a smart move for the ABC, with nothing to lose from advertising revenue with the move. Channel Ten has promoted its "immediate download" offerings as well recently in their LIVE STREAMED FROM THE US tagline. However, apparently 'immediately' to them means around 4 days after.


The microsite for Summer Heights High works well, with standard but solid fare like character wallpapers, and a 'tag wall' for Islander character Jonah.


Check the form field below:

I'd be willing to bet that almost all messages sent via Jonah's tag wall were probably racist, contemptuous and defamatory.

October 19, 2007

Mini Strike Post Event


I mentioned the Mini Strike event that was held last weekend. I'm happy to say that it seemed to go down without a hitch. Basically you registered for a ride. You were then given a racing card which showed the order of the pins you needed to drive around. You then rode shotgun as a professional stunt driver went around the course of 7ft. inflatable bowling pins at breakneck speed. When it ended you got your photo taken and your race time.

I attended on Saturday and there was a constant stream of people. Reports from the previous day was that it was packed. My ride was #284 and they did a total of 500+ around the giant bowling course. Participant's can log onto the site now and download a photo of yourself.


The event was organized by Play Communications a "brand experience agency" out of Surry Hills. Who have created many of these "experience based" brand events in the past.

I made a quick video which shows one trip around the course. I'm sad that I didn't actually film on my 27 second trip inside the car but alas.

It certainly was a lot more fun that looking at a Mini on a rotating pedestal at the Sydney Motor Show which is on right now and I spent the next few days lusting after a Copper S of my own but realized I need to get my license renewed before even thinking about a car.

October 17, 2007

IGF 2008 Finalists


Forget Halo 3 the next wave of gaming is coming from Independent gaming companies. No mutli-million dollar budgets just original ideas.

Check out this years finalists in the 2008 Independent Games Festival. Considering the success of BK Games it seems casual gaming is (or always was) a force to be reckoned with.

There is nothing stopping a brand sponsoring these "Independent games" and becoming the next Desktop Tower Defence.

Many of these developers are experimenting with XBLA games and WiiWare games, which means you won't need large budgets to produce games for these consoles. And with around 10 million of each console out there that's a huge market.

Independent games are like Indie movies. Except there is more potential for it to explode and become a gaming institution. Like "Desktop Tower Defense" has become or "Bejeweled" before it.

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