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February 11, 2009

Last chance to enter One Show 2009


You have until Feb 13 to enter the 2009 One Show Awards. Time is ticking down like Jack Bauer in 24.

There are lots of award shows but for me One Show, Cannes and D&AD are the awards to enter for interactive work. I don;t think you'd find many that disagree. (Webbys are separate)

So don't miss out on one of the big 3. Note: this Feb 13 date is the already extended date so no more extensions!

Oh and I'm on the interactive jury this year so be nice. I'll finally get to meet a few people I've been eager to have a chat to. Looking at you Iain Tait.

February 10, 2009

Donate online to help fight Aussie Fires

Parts of Victoria, Australia are currently being ravaged by bush fires. The worst the country has ever seen. The good news though is that the ease of donating online has meant that people have coughed up almost $1m an hour in the last few days.


If you can help out, be sure to click on the link below:

Picture 1a.png


From the always genius Wondermark:

February 7, 2009

Priceline now the sponsor of Seth Comedy

What happened to BK's 50+ videos we were promised? We got 14 and now already a new sponsor is on board. Priceline with Willian Shatner in cartoon form! Too bad they scrimped on the cost as its the same Shatner punchline for all 3 of the videos so far. It is interesting that BK did not continue the sponsorship as the fit was perfect for BK. Priceline seems less of a fit. But I guess everyone loves half price hotels.

BK's Youtube channel still sports the videos and the dub contest.

Rexona Australia's Greatest Athlete


Rexona Australia have launched a new TV show called Australia's Greatest Athlete. This is not sponsorship of the show but the complete funding of the show from the initial concept.

8 sport stars and athletes compete in 15 events to see who is Australia's Greatest Athlete. Its a great concept that can easily be rolled out to other regions around the world. The show is hosted by Rexona's brand ambassador Ricky Ponting. The Australian Cricket Captain.

Show on Saturdays 4.30 on Channel 9 it's not the best time slot but all the episodes (in full) are available online after each episode.

They are also on Youtube in as well.

This is similar to last years Football superstar sponsored by Nutri Grain. Sadly Fox8 has taken down the site :(

It will be interesting to see how this goes for market leader Rexona and and interesting case study for all brands interested in branded TV shows beyond just branded content or sponsored segments.

Octogon who pitched the show to Rexona were the same agency behing the XXXX Beach Cricket and the Speights Pub on a boat stunt.

Disclosure: Soap was involved in the online portion of the show helping produce the website and online media.

Oh and if you call within the next 30 min we'll throw in a widget

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