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March 30, 2009

Nike + Trash talk Banner


We received this Jung von Matt/Neckar in Germany, which, I must say think is a great piece of work. I dont think we have seen anything that pushes the banner as medium since the SOL comments piece, which went on to pick-up Grand-Prix at Cannes last year.

Its an extension of Nike + Man vs. Women the battle of the sexes campaign. The idea is to connect two different ad units on two different sites ( and On specific dates, messages written by women to the men on will appear in the banner on -- and the other way round.

Go in and try yourself on March 30 and April 6, always from 5 to 9 p.m. on or respectively

March 27, 2009

Fake Mini Viral

March 25, 2009

Nissan YouTube Slam Dunk Contest

I've just been exploring the YouTube Slam Dunk Contest. It's one of the many YouTube placement driven campaigns I've seen lately. And an example of the "go big" online ads that Ashley was discussing. You can't help but notice these things when they're plastered across YouTube.


I don't wanna rag on Nissan. The dunks are certainly cool. And sometimes there's a place for sponsored content - pure and simple. But when I heard "YouTube Slam Dunk Contest" I got excited. Perfect opportunity for harvesting all that negative YouTube comment energy and turning it to something good. Maybe an online 'Yo Mama' taunting contest? Or experimenting with some interactive video perhaps?

But, no. Nissan has thrown a totally unrelated TV spot and banner ad up on the page, found a "grunge" typeface from, and are now waiting for user views and the car industry resurgence to roll in. I'm not exactly sure where the Nissan Z sits compared to other models in terms of demographic. But wouldn't AND1, or Red Bull or something be more appropriate for this?

There's not even a tenuous slam dunk related pun used in any of the language.


Here's the TV ad from the YouTube Channel. It seems like they've tried to find the most irrelevant spot they had on file and upload it as part of the campaign. AND they've disallowed comments. Why "do" social media if you're not willing to hear what people say?

Out of all the videos on the campaign channel, it has the least amount of views (3000). I don't know what the benchmarks are, but if the main ad on your SPONSORED YouTube channel is pulling only that many viewers, then you're doing it wrong. Just to give it some comparison, this video of a cat falling over has more than twice as many views as the Nissan spot:

So, what's the deal Nissan? No wonder the auto industry is in the crapper. YOU'RE NOT EVEN GIVING AWAY A NISSAN TO THE WINNER. You're offering them the dubious title of :


Which sounds more like an awesome playground taunt than anything young dunkers would want to lay claim to.

This seems like a perfect example of where a more experimental approach to online would've worked better. Lots of little, diverse digital efforts spread out over the year. Rather than spending one big chunk on a single crappy media buy.

Lame. I want my click back Nissan.

March 24, 2009

Mashable's Future of Online Ads is Huge


Check the full Mashable article here.

Interesting that they haven't sighted Myspace's earlier attempts as the site has been doing this for a while. The Dark Knight was even there for the relanch of Myspace's new look and feel homepage. Which was designed for advertising in mind. (oh and the user)

I know as an agency we love these formats as they have huge impact. 468x60 is too small. 728x90 is not a great format. Where as these are huge and they have impact. Portal love them too as it makes them a lot of money and they show off to other brands what is possible.

March 23, 2009

Bob Isherwood's Presentation


You know when you had to visit your grandparents and you'd always say "but do I have to"? Well why is it that people pack to see a grandfather of adland in droves?

Here was the write up from his Melbourne talk which we are told was the same as the Dubai one. It sounds great.

"The advertising guru will share his personal tips on unlocking the secrets to success – what he calls the three elements you need to know to do great work.

The three keys are not what you might imagine – but they will certainly make you think. "

But after checking recent reports from the talk it's a different story.

Isherwood labours the point at Lynx : Middle East Campaign

The bizarre Dr Bob baffles Melbourne adland: Crikey

Stan from BrandDNA

At least he didn't pull a David Carson and just not show up :)

Why go to this length to hammer a point home that even after 60 minutes seems to have been lost on the crowd as a whole. I did not witness either talk but if the opportunity arises I will certainly pass. I have seen too many misguided, self indulgent and boring talks to not sit through another one.

Bob please use your power for good not evil. With so much experience a simple Q&A session would have been more beneficial.

Bob either seems to have dropped right off the deep end of the genus into crazy town or actually is a genius making a big joke of everyone who sat through his recent talks and our feeble minds can't comprehend what was special.

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