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March 14, 2006

Consumer Generated Mobile Content

This is a very impressive & successful example of a consumer generated content program by Three in the UK, which allows users to upload content which earns money for both 3 and the user who posted it each time it's downloaded. They've had over 4 million downloads, which has generated over £100,000.

From the site -

"See Me TV provides an opportunity for 3 customers to shine in front of millions of potential viewers. All the budding star has to do is record a short video displaying their talents, and then send their clip via MMS to 32323 to have it uploaded to the See Me TV Channel for other 3 customers to view.

SeeMeTV is also a chance to earn. For every 3 customer that watches a clip on See Me TV, the performer gets paid 1p - and with a potential audience of 3.2 million, who can each view the clip as many times as they like, the money to be made can quickly mount up. The cash is accumulated and paid out once it has reached £10 - there's no cap on what a 3 customer can earn from SeeMeTV"

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March 12, 2006

Filet-o-Fish... or shark food?

Has anyone seen banners that go with this microsite?
The game would make for a fun single or linked banner campaign.

March 11, 2006

The Real Australia games


We (Soap Creative) have just finished three games for our The Real Australia promotion for Tourism WA.

Relax with your mate hawkeye in Reel Fishing,
flip some tourist with a giant egg flip in Tan Command
or experience a Real Australian washing machine with Real Surf.

March 7, 2006

Absolut Kravitz


Check out the superbly well polished site for Absolut Kravitz. This is from the crew whop produced the Vodafone Futures site North Kingdom who's work I can't fault the bastards. An interesting thing in the site is the "connections" which track how many peopel login after you've submitted details in the send to friend area.

Tequila [AU] is producing the banner campaign for this which should go live soon. I'm hoping for Absolut Yanni to be announced soon.

On a personal note: We've listened to all the tracks in the office and I was told to shut Lenny down. I would have liked to see more variety in the remixes as they all seem sto meld into the one kind of sound. But dance music sells I guess. Woudl have been nice to see Ramstein, Marylin Manson, 50cent, hey even Kenny Gee or anyone with a more unique sound go at the song.

Max Preacher


Amnesia [AU] have just launched Max preacher for Pepsi Max. Vent your sins unto the world online or visit one of the booths comign to a city near you.

I'll be checking out the booths in Sydney next week and I'm interested how the forum goes as they are always a touchy subject with brands. Fun looking site and the work Amnesia have been doing for Pepsi pooes all over what Autumn 01 have done for them previously.

CHeck out what Pepsi have been doing in the USA with Puff Daddy with Brown & Bubbly. Sounds like the aftermath of a bad night on a curry to me.

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