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March 6, 2006

Nike: Rockstar Video


R/GA have produced a slick, video heavy Nike site with an interactive workout video for their latest Rockstar Workout. The use of video here is perfect in large size as it fits in the design perfectly. The male dance coordinator is as cheesy as they come but I guess he's famous so that’s his excuse. So whether yours running, playing, walking or krunking you can look the shit with Nike.

You can read R/GA's press release here

March 5, 2006

Take Note from Staedtler

takenote_bb.jpgStaedtler wants more people to write smail mail letters, so much so they are going to send 10,000 physical letters to users who submit their details on the Take Note site. You can even sign up to receive a letter from a stranger. The last hand written letter I received was in 1999 so I'm interesting to see if this promotion sparks a hand written revolution. My only complaint is that letters will only be sent within Australia which is a shame.

The site will also be promoted with print ads and handwritten notes placed in public places throughout Melbourne and Sydney. See images here

This is the first site created by Host's new in-house interactive team headed up by ex Tequila CD Bob Makintosh. Nice work Bob.

Also I don't envy the poor bastard who has to handwrite all the letters, with that in mind you don't want to sign up for work experience at Host anytime soon :)

Black: Selling the Video Game

The big game release of this month has been Black from EA. There has been quite a bit of activity online ranging from the well produced official site (i like how each section uses a different weapon and you can literally shoot the shit out of the site, a valentines viral site My Black Valentines (quite funny) and locally here in Aus a training simulator.

It's good to see game advertising going beyond the usual mini site and downloadable demos.

March 4, 2006

12th AIMIA Awards

Awards_Logo_small.jpgLast night was 12th AIMIA awards which was held in very hot Adelaide.

With 21 awards there were quite a few winners but for me the three main categories were:

Best Entertainment
Winner: TEQUILA\: Wedding Crashers online campaign (well deserved)

Best Interactive Advertising
TEQUILA\: Life On Mars (again well deserved)

Best Integration with an Offline Advertising Campaign
Clemenger Proximity: Online launch - a.o taste

The full list of winners with links can be found here.

Worst speech would have to go to Massmedia who couldn't resist trying to sell themselves on the night and ended up sounding like cheeseburgers.

Note: we (Soap Creative) didn't win anything but it's hard to go up against Wedding Crashers and Think Tank.

March 3, 2006

Camo Diesel Site


This one done by Hi-Res in London, to match the current Diesel campaign -- audio-visual fun as always.

Takes those banners to a whole new level.


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