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July 31, 2007

Yellow Fever: More Simpsons Promos

As there have been so many new The Simpsons Movie promotions I thought I'd post an update.

Homer Hosts the Leno show:

Statue of Liberty Vandalized Viral

180ft Pegan Homer:


Via The Sun

And a B3TA animated version of it.


Burger King are making the most of their cross promo deal with these other ads being released to support or in addition to the online activity.

Check out the German Buger King commercial that featured a German Homer. He kinda sounds like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Here's the American version we know and love.

And I totally forgot about the Springfield Challenge. Where Vermont won the right to host the premiere.

All this lead to an impressive $70M opening weekend for The Simpsons Movie and Australia doing 18% of this in the same timeframe. 8% above the average!

July 29, 2007

The 800 Banner Beast


What's this hairy 800 all about?

We've reached our latest milestone of 800 banners! And we've achieved it in just 63 days (not including weekends) thanks to some frantic posting of Cannes work from the team. That's an average of 1.5 banners a day - no other site gives you that!

A beast this big needs feeding, so please keep submitting work. And if you're submitting other interactive work for consideration in the news section, please remember to include a URL and/or screenshot to the work and a very brief summary/overview.

PS. Hope you enjoyed our photoshop effort on the 800 :)

July 25, 2007

Hot Linking is over


If you have been hot linking our banner files you'll realize now it no longer works.

While I don't mind it being done when there is a link back to our site almost all the other sites never did this. It's slowing down our server and in the last 2 months costing several hundred dollars in excess bandwidth.

The new Qantas logo

Here are our not-so-serious thoughts on the thinking that was perhaps behind the new Qantas logo.

Point 1 : The Roo no longer touches the ground.

  • That's because its a Flying Kangaroo.

  • The new Roo will spend less time grounded thanks to billions in new plane orders
  • Point 2 : Part of the Roo's tail has fallen off

  • It was the underperforming union bit. The new Roo can do more than ever, but with 5% less Union labor to hold it back

  • Reflects the cutbacks to maintainence. That piece of the tail was present on the original plan, but because the tail painting was out-sourced to Asia, it fell off. However we believe it may be stapled back on in the near future

  • Macquarie Bank souvenired it after its failed privatisation attempt

  • Jetstar took over that bit, as it was under performing and would be run better by its low-cost cousin
  • Point 3 : The Roo has an elevated tail

  • Fare's are going up. It's assumed the position
  • Point 4 : The Roo looks squashed and a bit bigger around the waistline

  • The Roo is seated in Economy. That new Premium Economy class had to get its space from somewhere, so you plebs flying Economy now have even less room

  • It's seated in First Class and has enjoyed a 10-course degustation menu on it's flight from Sydney to LA
  • Point 5 : Italicised Qantas Typography

  • When taxing to and from Sydney Airport's far flung third runway the italicised font makes the plane look like its moving faster to those situated in the control tower, thus cutting a few minutes off the journey to the terminal.

  • It looks like it's making a quick exit, just like a few on the board
  • Point 6 : Bigger Ears

  • Next time you complain about the food, it'll hear you...

  • July 23, 2007

    The Ultimate Search for Bourne


    Google and Sony (with Big Spaceship actually creating the site) have teamed up for an online experience to promote Bourne Ultimatum called The Ultimate Search for Bourne.

    This is similar to the Mission Impossible: The Ultimate Mission or the Da Vinci Code Quest promotions that ran last year players are asked to complete a series of missions using Google products, fake sites and the site to ultimately find Jason Bourne (the hero of the movie) and win a prize. Here's the official press release.

    What I love best about these type of promos is you can instantly gauge its success. By using Youtube videos as a clue delivery service one only needs to check the view stats on said videos and you'll know how many people are playing. Day 4's clue (we're up to Day 5 now) is sitting on 800 views. The first videos are at 7,000. (see below)

    Maybe people do what I did and just Google the questions and cheat?

    It looks great but its tiny type and super long UI is annoying as is Flash's limitations with copying and pasting text but that's not the agencies fault. Also I would have liked to have done more than just find answers and past it into a message window. Mini games or anything would have been a nice change.

    What's interesting is Google didn't charge Sony for the privilege of hosting the game as it saw the benefit as mutual. Without Google's support this would have made the whole thing a lot harder to pull together.

    Updated: (Sorry I had my agency's wrong)
    The level of complexity for this game is quite easy compared to Red's ARG game out there called And yes I can't get past the 2nd puzzle!!! (it's shitting me)


    Update 2: I was completely wrong (like most other people) Ethan Haas Was Right is actually for Alpha Omega a new RPG. More info here.

    Thanks B!X you tried to set me right but I didn't listen.

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