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July 2, 2007

Who doesn't like stats?

I have updated the stats page for all those interested. I know I can't go a day without checking Adsense & Analytics.

And just out of interest Ive also got the top 100 countries to visit Bannerblog since August 2006 (That's when I implemented Google Analytics.

Where does your country come in on the poll?

Some of these are from random Google searches for stuff like "fart button" so that might explain a few things.

You'll have to click here to view the top 100 as it's a long table.

How not to fake the "V" word


The next time you put a video on Youtube or create a branded Myspace page for a brand just remember that we can all see the stats on views. So if you video gets a few hundred views or your brand has less Myspace friends than my mum, it's probably not worth trying to promote this as successful work.

Faking these stats might seem easy but it's not just views that make up a Youtube videos stats. It's favs, rating, comments and links. Those are a lot harder to fake. Same goes for Myspace and there you need comments and an active forum.

July 1, 2007

Bannerblog Group on Facebook

For all you Bannerblog fanboi's, we've formed a BannerBlog appreciation group on Facebook.
You know you want to join it... ;)

Don't worry, we won't be appearing in Second Life anytime soon - or indeed ever.

the iPhone lands in the states

It finally arrived yesterday, and i'm writing this entry from a new iphone. While without flash still it doesn't quite provide the full web experience, the future and potential oportunities are great. The browsing experience is quite nice, and it's likely that both publishers and advertisers will soon be talking about a very different mobile experience set. Or rather, those of us that present options to take advantage of the new form factor that has just lauched will grow our businesses.

Rumor has it that a european 3G version will be announced as early as july 2nd, with delivery set for the fall. If nokia, motorola and microsoft push there mobile browsers up to attempt to match mobile safari, then the opportunities will really crank up. Lets hope so, and in the meantime, start playing with an iphone and thinking about what you can build.

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